New Feature – December 2020

What’s New in Todoist: Customization for any Workflow

All-new themes, oodles of sorting options, and the new sound of getting things done

Illustration of people using new features in Todoist
Illustration by Vicente Nirō

The makers behind your to-do list have been hard at work to turn the delight dial up to full blast. Whether you get your kicks from switching the color of your theme every day*, reordering your tasks in a click, or pretending it’s finally 2021 with new goal templates — we’ve got you covered.

What's New Todoist wear pink
*On Wednesdays we wear pink.

Pick the palette of your productivity

There are now more ways to personalize the look of your app. Match your outfit, workflow, or mood thanks to three new Premium themes. Look pretty in pink, feel like blue royalty, or guess the mystery color you have to earn to use.

Want to share your guess? Head to Twitter — you could make 2021 your most productive year yet by winning a full year of Premium.

Gain perspective with new sorting and grouping options

You can look at a task list from many angles. Need an alphabetical list to keep track of everyone in a Zoom class? Got it. What about a project-by-project look at the day ahead? Yep. A view of the top priority tasks broken out by assignee in your work project? That too.

Here’s even more inspiration (and a how-to).

Amp up the satisfaction of checking things off with (optional) sound

Completing tasks is even more satisfying now that your click is accompanied by a cheerful *bloop*. Try it yourself by heading to Settings then General.

Find tasks, projects, views, and old searches so much faster

Most people move to a digital to-do list because paper lists make it way too easy to lose tasks. (Where did that deep cleaning list go?) The same problem shouldn’t be happening in Todoist! That’s why search needed an upgrade. When you next use search, you’ll see recently visited projects, views, and searches — along with far more scannable results.

What's New Todoist Winter 2020 search

Hey Google?

Todoist for Google Assistant 2.0 has arrived! Which means it’s way easier to be productive while holding groceries, walking the dog, eating a dripping ice cream cone, and more. When you want to use Todoist with your voice, just say, “Let me talk to Todoist.”

If you can say it, you can probably Todoist it via Google Assistant now that there are so many options to add, access, and complete tasks. To learn more, head to our in-depth article.

Unfinished business stays that way with uncompletable tasks

Maybe you want to make sure you don’t accidentally complete parent tasks chock full of sub-tasks. Or perhaps you have an essential document to share at the top of a group project (like Hype-up coworking playlist). Whatever your reason, just add * and a space before your task name to create an uncompletable task.

Already using them? Make sure that you are using an asterisk (*) and not a colon (:) — the colon was used mistakenly far too often, so it’s no longer supported.

Rename headers in one click

It’s zippier than ever to edit the name of lists on your desktop. Simply click the name of any project, label, or filter and make a change. We’re thinking it’s perfect for that Epic 2020 Vacay Plans project. 😅

A few more things

An integrations glow up: An updated integrations catalog makes it nicer than ever to connect your list with all the apps in your workflow. Or you can try something new, like PomoDone — which Todoist users get 30% off of until December 31!

Set your intentions: Now that we’re right around the bend from a new year (we won’t miss 2020, will we?), it’s time to think about the future. We make it easy with brand new, better than ever Todoist goals templates. Start a side hustle, organize your finances, cook more from home, and more …

A boatload of bug squishes: We counted 245! We should be called exterminators at this rate. Take a deep dive into our changelogs.

Here’s hoping that more themes, more sorting, and more searching makes the last few weeks of 2020 a little bit easier. And the year ahead better than the last.

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