New Feature – November 2020

New in Todoist: Sort It Out

Keep your tasks in perfect order with new sorting options

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Illustration by Margarida Mouta and Yin Weihung

There’s more than one way to look at your task list. Whether you need to see your important to-dos first, review who’s working on what, or sort your task list alphabetically, Todoist has you covered with powerful new sorting and grouping options.

You’ll be able to focus on what matters by easily rearranging your task list based on the due date, priority, label, and many other options. For example, you can now see a calendar-like view of your project:

Todoist sorting Group by due date
View your project schedule by grouping your tasks by due date.

The best way to understand these new options is to see a handful of useful (sometimes game-changing) examples in action. Check out the video below or read on for more.

All sorts of examples

Do you have a busy day ahead with several projects to work on? Make the day feel more manageable by arranging your tasks by project:

Todoist sort Today view grouped by project
To organize your day, group your Today view by project.

If today’s task list is super long, you might want an easier way to scan it to find the task you’re looking for. Try sorting it by name.

Todoist sorting Today view sorted alphabetically on mobile
Easily find your tasks in Today view by sorting alphabetically.

Todoist is super useful to keep track of your shopping list with your family. Now, it’s much easier to see what you’re responsible to buy (never forget the baby food!):

Todoist sorting Shopping list sorted by assignee
See everything assigned to you by sorting by assignee.

And if you’re working with a team on a bigger project, you might want a more visual approach to keep track of everything. Take a look at who’s working on what in Board view.

Todoist sorting Group by assignee and sort by priority in Board view
Easily see who’s working on what by grouping by assignee in Board view.

If you work in sales, for example, you can now quickly follow up with prospective clients who you may have forgotten about. Simply arrange your sales project to start from the coldest leads (oldest tasks) first.

Todoist sorting Sales pipeline, grouped by date added
To never forget an older task, group by the date a task was added.

Now that you’ve seen the ways sorting options can work, let’s dive into how to set them up.

Get started with simple sorting

Whenever you want to see a task list in a new way, you can start with the basic sort options:

  • By due date: Sort based on when a task is due.
  • By priority: Sort based on priorities like P1, P2 and so on.
  • Alphabetically: Sort based on the task name.
  • By assignee: Sort based on who’s assigned to the task (shared projects only).

Here’s how it works:

  • On the web, press the new sort icon in the top right, and select Sort by date.
  • On iOS/Android, tap the three dots icon in the top right, and tap Sort > By due date.

how to sort todoist simple sorting animation

And don’t worry about losing the original order of your task list – sorting options are completely reversible. Simply reset your sorting options and go back to where you started by pressing x. Or if it’s time to make a change, revise your sorting options by pressing the Sorted by indicator in the top right.

Todoist sorting A close up of the x to close a sorting option
Reset your sorting options anytime by pressing x in the top right.

Get fine-tuned precision with custom sorting

When you want more control over what you see in your task list, try using a custom sort. Simply open the sort menu and select Custom sort, and you’ll see two options:

  1. Group by: This lets you group your tasks together in new ways.
  2. Sort by: This allows you to sort your tasks within each group.
Todoist sorting Grouped by priority, sorted by assigned to
Monitor your urgent team tasks by grouping a shared project by priority.

Once you’ve chosen a sort, the good news is your task list will stay sorted. As you add new tasks, add due dates, change task information, and more, your tasks will shuffle to the correct position.

Finally, your newly organized list will look the same, no matter what platform you’re using.

Todoist sorting Show same view as above on mobile
You’ll see the same, sorted list on every platform.
💡 By default, projects are grouped by section to give you complete control over how your project is structured. Learn more about how to organize your projects using sections.

Get precise, powerful workflows with labels and filters (Premium)

To pinpoint the tasks you need even faster, use sorting options in combination with labels. For example, if you find yourself with 15 free minutes before a meeting, pull up your @15min label grouped by due date to check off a quick task that’s due soon.

Todoist sorting Label @15-min grouped by due date
To find a short, upcoming task, group your @15min label by due date

Keep a custom list of tasks more organized by applying sort options to your filters. For example, to see every upcoming task across every project, group your Next 3 days filter by project:

Todoist sorting Filter next 3 days grouped by project
Organize your filter view by grouping by project.
💡 Tip: Learn more about how to use filters along with some examples in 24 Todoist filters to keep you super organized.

As your goals get more ambitious, building a personal productivity workflow becomes essential to reaching your goals. We hope these new sorting options help you build a better workflow and make progress on what matters to you.

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