Connect Todoist and Twist With All Your Favorite Apps

Automate busywork and get more done with integrations like Microsoft Teams, Skype, and Zapier

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On their own, Todoist and Twist are powerful tools that let you organize your life and collaborate with your team. Connected with other apps, they become robust automated systems that bring all your tech together in a single place.

✨ We’ve updated our Todoist and Twist integrations pages so it’s easier to discover all the apps you can link together. You can find the connections you need — to track time-wasters, capture tasks on-the-go, or delegate boring routine duties. And it’s easy to get started. ✨

Find your favorite tool (or a new one) on our integration pages, and click Add to Todoist or Add to Twist. In a few minutes, you’ll be outsourcing your repetitive tasks to a robot or auto-sharing information between the apps you use daily.

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Not sure where to begin with automation? Here are a few of our favorites integrations to get you started.


Microsoft Teams: Share tasks with teammates

Microsoft Teams keeps you connected by combining messaging, file storage, and video meetings in one platform. And now, you’ll be able to keep track of it all right in Todoist.

Here’s what you can do with the Todoist and Microsoft Teams integration:

  • Move from communication to action by creating Todoist tasks out of any conversation you have with your team.
  • Keep projects on track by quickly finding and sharing Todoist tasks with your teammates in Microsoft Teams.

Todoist integrations Microsoft teams

PomoDone: Track your workflow using the Pomodoro Technique

Do you know how long you’ll actually need to complete the tasks on your list? Or does your list keep piling up day after day?

PomoDone mixes the productivity-boosting benefits of the Pomodoro Technique with smart time tracking to help you get more done.

Here’s what you can do with the Todoist and PomoDone integration:

  • Break down important Todoist projects into focused PomoDone sessions by linking the two apps.
  • Finished a task after your 25-minute timer? Take your 5-minute break and then check it off your list — no matter which app you tick it off in, it’ll sync in the other.
Todoist integrations Pomodome
Get more done by breaking down big projects into smaller work sessions.
Plus: Todoist users receive 30% off PomoDone Ultimate until December 31! Redeem your discount now.

Alexa: Manage your to-do list with your voice

To-dos can come to mind at the most inopportune times — while washing the dishes or deep into a finger painting session with the kids. Thanks to a connection between Todoist and Alexa, the voice-controlled Amazon assistant, that’s no longer a problem.

Here’s what you can do with the Todoist and Alexa integration:

  • Stay organized hands-free by adding and scheduling tasks into Todoist with your voice.
  • Sync your Shopping and To-do lists in Alexa and Todoist — so everything stays up to date on both!
Todoist integration Alexa
Add the @Alexa label in Todoist to sync any of those tasks to your Alexa to-do list.


GitHub: Get development updates — without leaving Twist

GitHub lets you host and review code, manage projects, and build technology alongside 50 million developers. When working with fellow developers on team projects, regular progress reports can help streamline collaboration to speed up releases. That’s where a connection between Twist and GitHub comes in.

Here’s what you can do with the Twist and GitHub integration:

  • Track the progress on projects with important GitHub updates right inside Twist.
  • Keep the conversation organized, on topic, and easy to follow by selecting the perfect Twist channel and thread for automatic updates.
Twist integrations GitHub
Stay up-to-date about new commits, issues, and pull requests without ever leaving Twist.

Skype: Host encrypted, free video meetings in one click

Occasionally, synchronous meetings move projects forward faster than asynchronous threads. Hopping on a quick call with teammates is easier than ever with the Twist and Skype integration, especially since no sign-ups or downloads are required. Start a meeting from a thread or message and get features like live subtitles, call recording​, and end-to-end encryption.

Here’s what you can do with the Skype and Twist integration:

  • Start a synchronous meeting by typing /skype in any thread or message.
  • Create future meetings with specific names, like /skype Weekly 1:1, /skype Design Call, or /skype All-Hands Meeting.
Twist Skype integration
Join a meeting in one click right from Twist.

GIPHY: Coming soon

Adding GIFs on Twist is the fastest way to inject personality into your conversations. Tired after a launch? Post a sloth yawning. Grateful for a teammate covering your shift? There’s a thankful bunch of bananas ready to wiggle into their inbox.

GIPHY for Twist is right around the corner, so you and your team can spread joy, react to messages, and celebrate wins.

Here’s what you can do with the soon-to-come Twist and GIPHY integration:

  • Use Markdown to insert a GIF that gets your point across. Perhaps something like: These new integrations are amazing! [Wow](
  • Or roll the dice and see what GIF shows up by typing /gif and a keyword or phrase.
Twist Giphy integration
Feeling lucky? We were surprised by /gif surprised.

Zapier: One integration to connect them all

Zapier is an integration that lets you build your own integrations, without writing a single line of code. By connecting Zapier with Todoist or Twist, you can unify just about all the tools you work with — the only real limit is your imagination.

Todoist unites with all your favorite apps to:

Twist connects with loads of other apps to:

… and so much more!

There were nearly 9 million mobile apps available in 2019 alone. As the number of apps in the world grows exponentially, connecting them is increasingly important. Integrations can keep all your apps and digital tools working together to eliminate time spent finding and sharing information and bring a little joy into your workflow.

How will you use them?