Your Todoist Year in Review 2018 is Here!

Reflect on your year in productivity before setting new goals. 🚀

Illustration by Yin Weihung

“New Year, New You!”

While that would be nice, making real change in your life doesn’t happen right when the clock strikes 12 on January 1st. The true transformations occur when we take a realistic look at where we are and where we want to go.

So, first things first! Take a look at your Todoist Year in Review 2018:

View Your Productivity Report

Take stock of the year you’ve left behind and gain a real understanding of your personal productivity over the last 12 months.

Understand Your Baseline

Maybe you felt unproductive this year, but actually completed a meaningful amount of tasks every day. On the flipside, perhaps you overestimated how much you really got done in 2018. Either way, don’t stay in the dark on your own productivity!

  • Compare your total tasks completed in 2017 vs 2018
  • Examine your tasks/day, tasks/week, and tasks/month
  • Review your most productive months across the year

Put Your Data to Use

Sometimes data reveals things about ourselves that we many not know intuitively. Some of us may identity as “night owls”, when we really do our best work in the afternoons. Others of us reflexively say, “I hate Mondays!”, but do the bulk of of our work on that day anyway. Use the information your Todoist Year in Review to learn how you work and lean into what the data tells you.

  • Check out which day of the week was your most productive
  • Learn what time of the day were you most productive
  • Discover the day and time you postponed the most tasks

Set Realistic Productivity Goals

With a baseline and data on your side, set realistic productivity goals. Find a balance between goals that stretch you and those that overwhelm you. Strive to organize your days and weeks in a way that allows you to complete important projects in 2019 and move towards important personal objectives, whether that’s exercising more or making more time for your friends and family.

  • If you notice your mornings are unproductive, resolve to use them more effectively.
  • If you’re overworking during the weekends, set a goal to unplug and unwind on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • If you didn’t track your tasks and productivity for months at a time, make a point to be consistent with a productivity system to achieve what you want in life

If you need a productivity refresh, learn the best way to clean up your to-do list and start with a clean slate. Big plans for the year ahead? Kick them off right with a guide to completing any project in Todoist.

2019 is yours for the taking! You don’t need to be a “new you” or to make a quick fix. Instead, take steady steps towards the best version of yourself, whatever that means for you.

Wishing you a happy and productive year,

The Doist Team