New Feature – February 2021

New in Twist: Focus on the Conversations That Matter

Pin, mute, and link to your threads in seconds

Illustration by Margarida Mouta

From asynchronously planning your business strategy to making last-minute Zoom calls, teamwork comes in all shapes and sizes. And no matter what workflows you prefer, Twist’s recent updates will have something to make your life easier (and a bit more fun).

Stick a pin in it

Some conversations are so important that you want them front and center for everyone to see. Whether you’re negotiating a tight schedule, collaborating on a spec, or brainstorming a new product, you can now keep key conversations top of mind by pinning threads.

To pin a thread, just press the three dots icon at the top of a thread and choose Pin thread.

whats new in twist pinned threads

The conversation will stay at the top of the channel to give easy access to every team member. You can pin two threads at a time — so choose wisely! Once a conversation is no longer relevant, you can unpin it the same way you pinned it.

👉 Learn more about pinning threads.

No missing links

Twist is designed so you can easily reference conversations in seconds. After all, your team’s most promising ideas probably came up in a brainstorming thread. Or maybe you discovered a super useful metric in the context of a decision-making thread.

To make it easier to cross-reference that useful information, you can now link to another conversation in seconds. When you’re writing your next post, simply type / and choose the thread or channel you want to link to.

You can also press the lightning bolt below the composer to search for the channel or thread you’re thinking of.

This is one of Twist’s superpowers: Turning your team’s conversations into an easy-to-browse home for your best ideas (instead of letting your sparks of genius get lost in the scroll).*

👉 Learn more about linking to channels and threads.

The sound of silence

Focus is a rare commodity these days. Especially if you’re constantly distracted by team updates that aren’t relevant to you. To keep your Inbox (and mind) clear of watercooler talk and non-relevant threads, you now have the power to mute threads!

When viewing a thread, use the three dots icon and select Mute to turn off all notifications and Inbox unreads for only that thread. But be warned, Twist is serious about mute — you won’t even see the thread show up in your Inbox if you get mentioned!

Even after muting threads, you can still catch up whenever you need to. Simply head to the thread’s channel, and review all the threads you may have missed.

👉 Learn more about muting threads.

No more random reply-alls

You don’t yell across the room when you want to have a conversation with one person (hopefully). That’s why Twist always lets you choose exactly who you want to tag every time you post a thread or message.

The thing is, knowing who to tag can be confusing for people new to the conversation. That’s why channel creators can now select who will be tagged by default on every new thread. That way, people don’t accidentally notify everyone (after all, Twist was designed to make mistaken reply-alls a thing of the past.).

To define who’ll be tagged by default on a channel, first head to the channel options (press the three dots icon on web and Android or tap the channel name on iOS) and then select your default participants.

👉 Learn more about how to set default participants.

Emotion, in motion

“A GIF is worth a thousand emojis.” -Anonymous

What better way to lighten someone’s day by sending a GIF? Especially when you’re working remotely, seeing a few frames of cheerful animation from a teammate can make all the difference.

It’s now easier than ever: Just press the GIF button at the bottom of the composer. You’ll be able to search Giphy’s extensive list of animated magic and send it right in Twist.

👉 Learn more about how to send a GIF in Twist.

Just for you (Beta)

Just like envelopes piling up on a desk in workplaces of the past, it can get overwhelming to review all the threads in your Inbox. If only some AI algorithm could sort your unreads and surface the posts that matter to you most…

That’s exactly what the new, experimental For you tab does. Try it in beta and see if it works for you (see what we did there?).

You’ll see posts in order of how important they are to you, rather than by date. The algorithm will learn what matters to you based on factors such as how active you are in a thread, whether you’ve been directly mentioned in a thread, and so on.

👉 Learn all about how the Inbox works on our help center.

What else is new?

You may notice a few other changes in Twist.

  • Conversations are faster thanks to some under-the-hood tweaks.
  • You’ll always be up to date thanks to a small notification that lets you know when there’s a new version of Twist.
  • You can now navigate through your Twist menus using your keyboard on the web.

What’s next?

We’re currently doing some top-secret research into how Twist can challenge you and your teams to truly achieve your goals. Let us know what you’d like to see next in the comments!

Team conversations are a treasure trove of useful information and insights. We hope these new updates to Twist help you organize those conversations and keep you and your team focused on what matters most at any given moment.

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