New Feature – September 2020

What’s New in Twist: Faster, Clearer Communication

An upgraded thread composer, images where you want them, all new emoji reactions, and more!

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Illustration by Yin Weihung

A tweak here and an update there — the little things often go unnoticed, but the latest batch of Twist updates have added up to something special. From a completely redesigned composer to way more emoji reactions, here are the Twist releases that will make your team communication a whole lot clearer and a smidge more fun to boot.

Enjoy faster formatting and preview mode with the new web composer

One of the best things about Twist threads is that you can take your time to create clear, thoughtful posts. But figuring out how to format them was a bit awkward in the past.

With Twist’s new composer on the web, you can now draft and edit messages and comments far more easily — simply highlight the text you want to format and click the new shortcut buttons at the bottom of the composer to bold, italicize, hyperlink, and more in a single click (or keyboard shortcut). Twist will add in the correct Markdown formatting for you.

Not sure your well-formatted comment is ready for prime time? You can now also preview it (sans Markdown) before you post.

A view of previewing and editing a message with the new composer.

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Add images right where you want them

Attaching a bunch of images to the end of a comment can lead to confusion — especially when they have incomprehensible names (we’re looking at you, iOS screenshots).

Now you can place inline images exactly where you want them on the web — at the top of a comment or in the middle of a message — making visual references easier to understand. Simply click the image icon from the new composer’s formatting options and choose your file. Done! ✅

Twist inline images
Show, rather than tell, to get points across visually.

👉 Learn more about attaching files

Use reactions to their fullest, funniest potential

Do you ever wish you could react to a spot-on idea with 🎯? How about 🛶 when voting for team bonding activities at your next retreat (someday)? Now you can with upgraded reactions.

If you’ve already been hard at work using the classics 👍 ❤️ 👏 🎉 😂😃 😢 😮 👎😡, you’ll be thrilled to know there are now hundreds of more reactions at your disposal. In fact, you can use every emoji in the books. 📚

Add reactions to comments and messages by searching for your favorite emoji by keyword, browsing different categories, or choosing one you recently used. ✅

Zooming in on a post with a variety of reactions.

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Edit (more) quickly and easily with new context menus for iOS and iPadOS

Get the job done faster with a long-press. Touch and hold any channel, thread, or message on iOS or iPadOS 13+  to pull up a quick list of options. You can mark messages as read (or unread), turn threads into Todoist tasks, get the link to any channel, and so much more.

If you use a mouse or trackpad on iPadOS 13.4+ or higher, you can access the same context menu with a right-click instead of a long-press.

A view of the iPhone and the new contextual menu.

👉 Learn more about context menus

Onboard new members in three simple steps

If your teammates are joining Twist for the first time, they probably have some questions: How does Twist work? What is asynchronous communication? Can you really replace emails and group chats with one tool? Getting everyone on board with a new way of communicating isn’t easy!

To remove the friction of introducing Twist to your team, we redesigned signing up, logging in, and getting started from the bottom up. Now everyone who joins Twist gets a warmer, more helpful welcome so they can hit the ground running. Which means you can spend less time trying to explain Twist to your team and more time getting things done together.

Onboard Twist
New teammates can now get started in just three steps: click an email’s sign up link, choose a way to log in, and fill out a profile.

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💡 Tip: Did you know you can now sign in to Twist with your Apple account? That means one less email and password combo to remember.

Take a trip to the dark side

While the clearer, calmer communication you find in Twist can be a bright spot in your day, it doesn’t have to be glaring. Enjoy a new shade of Twist with Dark Mode — a nearly black background and light text that rests easy on the eyes.

Some of us choose the overhauled colors, icons, and text because we work at night. Some for migraines, visual impairments, or other accessibility needs. And some of us just think it looks cool. 😎

Whatever your case may be, Dark Mode is there when you need it.

Twist dark mode
Enjoy a new shade of Twist, with dark mode.

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Experience a faster Twist

Whoever said async communication has to be slow? We’ve addressed occasional lag by supercharging Twist’s sync engine — removing duplicate events, reducing the number of API requests, and increasing the queue size.

In other words, Twist now syncs much faster across the web, Android, and soon, iOS! Messages, reactions, and thread updates now reach your inbox in the blink of an eye.

What’s next?

We’re betting you’ll find more time for deep work with a few soon-to-come updates:

  • A smarter inbox: You should see the Twist threads most relevant to you, which is why we’re experimenting with machine learning to create algorithmic ordering for your inbox. You’ll find must-see discussions, while still having the option to sort for the most recent threads, too.
  • Pinned threads: Hunting for the information you need is a roadblock to productivity. You’ll soon be able to pin reference materials, key documents, and important links to the top of any channel.
  • Mute: Take a big step toward calmer communication by muting discussions that are less of a priority to you, so you can focus on what’s most important.

We’re always thinking about how to pave the way for calmer, clearer, more enjoyable communication. These are just a few of our most recent updates — stay tuned for more just around the bend.

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