New Feature – February 2020

What’s New in Todoist: Time-Saving iOS Workflows, A New Gmail Add-On and More

See what we’ve been working on since Foundations ✨

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Illustration by Yin Weihung

After the pedal-to-the-floor, all-hands launch of Todoist Foundations last fall, our product teams took a few months to pursue smaller Todoist updates they’d been waiting to get to.

Read on to learn what’s new in Todoist and discover new ways to save time and stay organized.

🚀 Build time-saving workflows with updated iOS 13 Shortcuts

With updated iOS Shortcuts for Todoist, you can save time on repetitive actions. For example, you could create a shortcut called “Add a work task” that automatically moves a new task to your Work project and sets the due date to Monday (to keep your mind in weekend mode 🌞).

iOS shortcuts

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Shortcuts allow you to combine and automate Todoist actions with other apps on your iOS device, so you can:

  • Automatically create a task to “Check my missed calls” whenever you miss a call.
  • Ask Siri to “Add my usual grocery list,” to add your five most common grocery tasks to your #Grocery project
  • Create a task to “Read your saved articles” every time you save an article in your news feed app.

👉Learn more about Using Todoist with Shortcuts.

💡 Tip: To discover more useful, time-saving workflows and automations, check out the IFTTT and Zapier integrations, too.

⚫ Let Todoist go dark along with your iOS and Android Dark Mode

We’re happy to report you no longer have to be unexpectedly blinded by your task lists: Whenever Dark Mode is activated on your iOS or Android device, Todoist will automatically switch to Dark theme, too.

👉Learn more about Auto Dark Mode.

📅 Manage your time better by syncing multiple Google Calendars to Todoist

Many of us live and die by our Google calendar – if it’s not up to date, we’re probably late. 🏃‍♂️

The good news is you can now sync multiple Todoist projects to multiple Calendars. This gives you more fine-tuned control over which tasks you want to see in your calendar, and which events you want to see in your Todoist projects.

multiple google calendars

For example, you could have your Work and Meetings Todoist projects visible in your Google Calendar. You can then easily see what you want to by toggling each calendar on and off. Plus, any updates on either side will be reflected in both Todoist and Google Calendar.

To activate multiple calendars on the web, head to Settings > Integrations > Google Calendar and pressing Add calendar.

👉Learn more about syncing multiple calendars with Google Calendar.

💡 Tip: You can see your Todoist tasks in other calendars too — learn how to import your Todoist feed into your calendar.

📧 Add emails as tasks from Gmail — on the web and from the mobile app

Many of you already use the Todoist-Gmail Chrome plugin for web to add your important emails as tasks (it’s another one of our most popular integrations).

With the new Todoist for Gmail add-on, you can now add tasks from Gmail on any web browser (not just Chrome!) and from the Gmail app on any mobile device.

When looking at an email, simply press the Todoist icon to the right on web, or at the bottom of the Gmail app on mobile. You’ll be prompted to add the email as a Todoist task and can include a project, due date, and/or priority level.

👉 Learn more about using Todoist with Gmail.

💡Tip: Add your important emails as Todoist tasks, then archive them from Gmail so you can get a step closer to Inbox Zero.

🗣️ Stay more organized with the revamped Todoist Alexa integration

It’s easier than ever to use Todoist hands-free with our redesigned Todoist for Alexa integration. Simply say “Alexa, add a task” and Alexa will prompt you to add all the details. Here are a few things you can ask Alexa to do:

With this update, your tasks will be more intuitively synced between Todoist and Alexa projects so you have a better idea of where your tasks are saved. You can also complete tasks, add due dates, sync tasks from Todoist to Alexa projects, and more. Super useful when your hands are tied up.

👉 Learn all about using Todoist with Alexa.

💡 Tip: You can dictate tasks to Todoist using Google Assistant and Siri, too.

✅ See your progress more easily by viewing completed tasks in Task View

One of the most essential pieces of productivity wisdom out there is to break bigger tasks down into smaller, easy-to-handle sub-tasks. Otherwise you’ll be staring at a task like “Produce video” and won’t even know where to begin.

To keep track of your progress on those bite-sized pieces, you will now see a task’s completed sub-tasks in Task View by default. That also means if you complete a task from Task View, the completed task will remain visible instead of disappearing.

completed tasks in task view

So let’s say you’re producing a video and want to see how far you’ve come, simply click on the “Produce video” task to open Task View, and you’ll see the completed tasks below. If you complete a task like “Create graphics”, you’ll immediately see the crossed out task below.

This small but impactful change will help you see how far you’ve come with a task, check on earlier tasks, and if you need to, uncomplete a completed task so you can fix something you may have missed.

👉 Learn more about Task View.

📆 See your Todoist tasks in your Fantastical calendar

When you’ve got a lot of scheduling to keep track of, Fantastical brings all your calendars together to keep it all in one place on Mac or iOS. And now you can see your Todoist tasks in Fantastical too.

Fantastical calendar

Once you’ve installed the integration, you can add or update tasks in Fantastical and the changes will be reflected back in Todoist. You can also set a task’s due date, priority, and project from within Fantastical.

👉 Learn how to use Todoist with Fantastical.

🎯 What’s Next?

As many of you know, the release of Todoist Foundations last fall laid the groundwork for even more features to come. Here’s a sneak peek at one of our new views, designed to let you see and schedule your tasks in a more intuitive way.

week view
A mockup of the new view, designed so you can better preview your tasks.

We’re actively working on the design and development (and name) of this feature and the details above are subject to change. However, if you’re interested in helping us test this feature ahead of its release, we’d be happy to have you join our beta program and lend a hand.

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Ever since the launch of Foundations, we’ve been inspired by the stories you’ve shared about how those updates to Todoist are helping you destress and achieve big goals. We hope these updates help you continue that momentum and accomplish even more in work and life.

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