New Feature – August 2020

What’s New in Todoist: Summer 2020 Edition

A redesigned task editor, shortcuts for sections, unreads in one place, and so much more

Whats New In Todoist Q3 Summer 2020
Illustration by Margarida Mouta

We may be in the doldrums of August in a year that just won’t quit, but that doesn’t mean your to-do list is slowing down.

In the past few months, we’ve made several smaller updates to Todoist to make staying on top of your tasks a tad bit easier and a smidge more delightful. From a Quick Add shortcut for sections to an Unread tab for your notifications, read on for everything new in Todoist:

See every detail with the redesigned Quick Add and task editor for the web

new and old quick add
The difference between the old Quick Add and the new is obvious — calmer, clearer tasks!

When using Quick Add or editing a task, you may have noticed a new layout that highlights the text box and clearly shows the due date and assignee. The new design makes it easier to see a task’s details as you add or edit them. And it’s just nicer to look at.

The new design is also keyboard-friendly – swiftly tab through to add or edit each task detail.

👉 Learn more about Quick Add

Quickly add a task to any section with a forward slash

Quick add sections
Specify a section for your task by typing “/” immediately, followed by the section name.

Project sections are an incredibly powerful organizational tool — they help group tasks together, let you break up gigantic projects into parts, and give you an easy-to-scan view of everything that needs to be done.

Since they launched last fall, Todoisters have been requesting a few tweaks to make sections even more useful. Thanks to your feedback, you can now:

  • Type “/” into a new task to add it to any section of any project. The shortcut works when editing a task, too.
  • Search for a section using that same forward slash in the search bar at the top of your Todoist.
  • Filter for all tasks in a specific section using the same forward slash. For example, add /work into a filter query to see all tasks in your “Work” section.

👉 Learn how to get the most out of sections

Keep track of all your unread notifications in one place

Notifications dark
Before all notifications were in one long timeline. Now Unread notifications have their own tab!

If you collaborate in shared Todoist projects, you know it can be easy to miss a new comment or assigned task in a chronological sea of notifications. That’s why we’ve added a new Unread tab.

Click on Unread to find just the updates you haven’t seen yet and be confident you’re not missing anything important. (As an added benefit, you can now reach the sweet bliss of Inbox Zero in your Todoist notifications 💆‍♀️)

Of course, if you need the complete play-by-play, simply click the main Notifications tab to see the full timeline of every update just like before.

👉 Learn more about notifications in shared projects

Schedule tasks for later in the week or this weekend

Smart schedule call Grandma

Your task scheduler shortcuts used to be limited to the obvious options: Today, Tomorrow, and Next week. But many Todoisters have rightly pointed out that tasks happen on weekends, too.

Per popular request, you’ll now see a few new shortcuts at the top of the task scheduler: This weekend, Next weekend, and Later this week. These scheduling shortcuts will change depending on the day of the week. For example, you’ll see Later this week on a Monday or Tuesday, but not a Friday.

Does your weekend start on a Tuesday? Go to Settings to customize the day that starts your weekend, just as you can set which day you consider to be the start of next week.

Prefer typing out your due dates? You can also type any of these options directly into the task field and Todoist will recognize and schedule it for you, no problem.

Just be sure to add some fun tasks to your weekend too 🤗

👉 Learn more about scheduling your tasks

Save time with (even more) iOS Shortcuts for Siri

Using Siri Shortcuts to view a task list

Siri Shortcuts let you customize your voice commands to fit your Todoist setup, and now you have even more options for personalized, hands-free productivity. You can now ask Siri to open any project, label, filter, view.

  • Gearing up for a busy day? Have Siri read off your Today at Work filter while you’re brushing your teeth.
  • At the grocery store? Ask Siri to pull up your Grocery List project.
  • Prepping for your next 1:1? Ask Siri to show you all the tasks labeled @boss.

There’s a whole lot more you can do with Todoist’s iOS Shortcuts. Explore the possibilities and learn how to set them up to fit your workflow.

Simplify task editing with new context menus for iOS

Contextual menu on iOS

Tapping is good, but long-pressing can be faster. On iOS and iPadOS 13+, simply touch and hold any task to open a context menu. From there you can choose to schedule, prioritize, duplicate, delete, and more. A similar context menu pops up when you long-press projects, labels, and filters too, letting you edit, share, and add them to your favorites in a flash, err, long-press.

Use a mouse or trackpad with your iPad? You can access the new context menus by right-clicking on tasks, projects, filters, and labels — just make sure you’re running iPadOS 13.4 or higher.

Of course, you can still tap to pull up the full task view and drag and drop to rearrange your tasks.

👉 Learn more about context menus for iOS

Add Google Drive files to tasks on Android, too

Task and project comments let you keep track of important details right where you need them most, but not all of Todoist’s platforms offered the same file app integrations. We’re happy to announce that Todoist for Android now includes the option to attach any Google Drive file to any comment for you (or your teammates) to easily reference later.

Simply tap the paperclip icon in a task or project’s comments and tap Google Drive. Sign in to your Google account and add the relevant file.

👉 Learn more about sharing files

Cultivate collaboration with Todoist & Zoho Cliq

Todoist + Zoho Cliq

Zoho Cliq helps streamline your team communication through organized and searchable conversations, instant virtual meetings, and connections with the tools you already use.

This Todoist integration lets you turn messages into tasks, review whole projects, access project comments and attached files, see all the tasks you have due today, and more — all without leaving Cliq.

Curious about Cliq? They’re offering Todoist users a deal to try it out — sign up with this link and get an automatic $100 credit.

👉 Learn more about the Todoist integration for Cliq

What’s next?

Todoist boards
Boards are a powerful, flexible way to organize your projects — and they’re coming soon!

Boards are just around the corner! In fact, Todoisters in our beta testing program are already trying the new view out.

Can’t wait to see Boards for yourself? Sign up for our beta program and help shape the feature with your feedback.

Learn even more with Todoist office hours

Take your productivity up a notch with our new series of live office hours hosted by Todoist ambassadors.

Next up in the series: Keeping It Simple with productivity consultant and long-time Todoist user Mike Vardy. He’ll walk you through tactical tips for getting the most out of Todoist without overcomplicating your to-do list.

That’s a wrap on the summer of 2020 in Todoist updates. We hope at least one of these smaller improvements helps you stay organized, balanced, and productive in the fall to come.

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