Using Todoist to Manage Real Estate in the French Alps

How one real estate agency tracks everything from writing sales agreements to shoveling snow off the roof with Todoist

skiing french alps

I run a real estate agency in a lovely place in the French Alps. We manage property and we do sales as well. We have very different tasks everyday– from writing sales agreements, to shoveling the snow off the roof, to finding cleaners for the weekend… The good thing is that it’s not boring at all, but we have to be very productive and reactive. We have a lot to think about everyday.

I really think that without powerful tools like Todoist, I would have turned crazy. I used to be very stressed when I left the office everyday, always wondering if I forgot to do something. Now everything is written and planned so when I close the door, I can breathe and think about something else. Todoist syncs on a lot of different devices, so even when I’m far away from the office, I still have my work schedule in my pocket.

Organizing Our Office and Team

We are two coworkers in my office– funnily enough, we used to leave sticky-notes to each other. I’m a real geek so I knew we could find a much better system. The fact that we can share projects in Todoist is especially useful. I can assign work to my colleague from wherever I am and, because we live in a ski town, I often add tasks in her schedule right from the chairlift, I love this!

Currently, we have a lot of projects and sub-projects– I think there are more than 150 projects in total, including:

  • Sales
  • Rental/Management
  • Agency related
  • Personal

todoist projects

Every day, we have to add daily tasks but many times we also add yearly tasks. I’m certain some of my clients are surprised by how reliable we are because we never forget anything, at all!

Devices We Use the Most

All our work at the agency relies on Todoist– in my office, we use an iMac 21’’. I used to use the web app because MacOS app didn’t allow you to upload files as notes. Since the last Yosemite update, it works perfectly so I’m back to using Todoist’s MacOS app. With the new version, you can add a task from any browser you’re using, and you can select text and add it as a task. The notification widget is also pretty cool!

I also use Todoist on my iPhone and iPad. The app is very good and it’s constantly updated with new features. I’m always going from apartment to apartment, or I’m also very often on a chairlift for lunch break, so having your office with you can help you ski longer :)

skiing french alps

Features We Use to Stay Productive

Here are a few features that we use most frequently with our team:

  • Reminders are great– you can send yourself text message or a push notification which is excellent when you really don’t want to miss a meeting.
  • Labels: This is a paid feature that is definitely worth paying the Premium version for. For instance, I don’t see my accountant very often. Now, every time I add a task that concerns her, I add the label @accountant so that every time I’m on the phone with her, it is much more productive and we don’t forget specific topics we need to cover.

Todoist labels

  • Sharing projects: Like I explained above, this is excellent. Collaborative work at its best!
  • Send email to Todoist: Because I ski a lot, I often have gloves on :) When I can’t answer my phone, I immediately send an email to my Todoist inbox using Siri. Then, when I’m back in the office, I take some time to move it to another project, and to schedule it appropriately.
  • Sunrise Calendar: I used to use Apple calendar but Sunrise Calendar is really good. I’ve always wanted a calendar view in Todoist, but I actually think the Todoist and Sunrise integration is the best solution!
  • Notes: I add a lot of notes and pictures to my tasks. From the iPhone/iPad, adding them is very easy; also, on your desktop, you can upload them and they’ll be saved immediately, perfect!
  • Todoist for GMail: I use Gmail and I like to be to add emails as tasks. Even if an email is archived, Todoist still manages to find it when you click on the task.
  • Templates: I have a few templates saved, including a Sales template. For every sale, our team needs the same documents. Instead of wondering what I have to add to my list, I’ve got a template saved and I just have to import the list into the project. This saves a lot of time.

todoist sub-tasks

  • Todoist Support: I use Todoist’s Support section a lot. I often have ideas on new features– sometimes good, sometimes bad. I’ve never seen any other Support section with reliable staff and who responds so quickly. It is very enjoyable to know that there are a lot of motivated people behind the machine that makes Todoist.

Other Examples of How We Use Todoist

Instead of telling boring stories of my work, here are a few tricks I’ve learned in order to do more with Todoist:

  • Keys: We have many keys in the agency, something like 400 sets of keys. We often have to lend them to maintenance guys or apartment owners. We used to have a book where we wrote it all down in a spreadsheet. It worked in a certain way, but this is way too old-school for me. We now have a shared project in Todoist to keep track of all the keys. You can add a task saying «apt reference» – «person, phone number» – «date of key borrow». It then shows up as a task in our to do list and we are then able to track the keys much better. Once people check out, we just mark the task as complete.
  • Example of damage in an apartment: We rent apartments and, naturally, things can get damaged. When our maintenance guys go and check what’s wrong they’ll assign a task to me in our shared project, and sometimes add a photo. I then create different sub-tasks like «call a plumber», «tell the client that we have this problem under control and will be fixed», or «sort out invoice». I then assign various tasks to my colleagues and set due dates. In a few seconds, everything is planned and under control and we don’t have to worry about it.
  • Apartment renovations: I’m renovating my own apartment right now. I’ve got some constructions skills but sometimes I don’t have the answer to my questions. Over time, when I come up with questions I have, I add them as a tasks and use the @builder label. When I then see the contractor, I can just quickly ask him every question I have written down in Todoist and not forget anything important. Sometimes I also add notes with his answer, and  pictures of ideas I’ve found online.

Todoist is a very powerful tool. I never thought I would use an app as much as this one. I trust it and it allows me to relax and not worry about little things and lets me focus on big things to achieve.