New Feature – July 2017

Connect Your Apps to Twist Using Zapier

Keep track of notifications from all the apps you use in one organized place.

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Today’s teams rely on lots of apps to do their best work — but it’s a double-edged sword. With so many apps to manage, it’s impossible to keep track of everything. Important updates can easily fall through the cracks.

You can either check each app one by one for new updates (messy and time-consuming) or turn on every notification possible (so much for deep, focused work).

That’s where Twist and Zapier can help. Zapier connects with all the apps you already use and can stream all your updates right into Twist. Instead of disjointed, messy notifications, you’ll be able to manage everything in one calm, organized place.

Try it out yourself by installing some of the time-saving Twist-Zapier workflows below:

Start a thread when a calendar event approaches

This integration will make sure everyone’s prepared and on the same page for every meeting or event on the calendar. A new thread will appear for each approaching event. Everyone will know what’s coming up and your team can have a discussion to sort out any details in advance. Especially handy if you’re managing an editorial or events schedule or hold lots of client meetings.

Get started using the Twist-Google Calendar Zap, the Twist-Office 365 Zap, or if you use Apple or another calendar tool, you can use the Twist-Cronofy Zap that connects with a wide variety of calendars.

Start a thread when new files are created in a shared folder

Keep track of new files in your team’s shared folders inside Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, or any other online file management app. This Zap creates a thread every time a new file is uploaded to a shared folder. Your team can immediately access and discuss the new file together, helpful in fast turn-around environments like marketing, support, or sales.

Here’s the Zap.

Post a comment when any file in a Google Drive folder is updated

If your team collaborates on a lot of written content, this is the Zap for you. When multiple people are editing a document, this Zap will post a new comment each time an update is completed. Everyone involved can keep tabs on who updated the document with what, and when.

Here’s the Zap.

Post a comment every time you receive a new email that matches a search

If you use email for incoming support tickets, or new sales leads, this Zap can save you a ton of time. Whenever you receive incoming requests or leads that match a specific search, a new comment is posted to a thread of your choice. This lets the team discuss the appropriate response without having to forward emails around or even log in to their email client.

Zapier currently supports Gmail, Office365 and more. Here’s the Zap using Gmail.

Start a thread every time there’s a new comment on your WordPress blog

This Zap lets you easily keep track of what your users are saying on your WordPress blog and coordinate responses together in Twist.

Here’s the Zap.

Start a thread from Twitter search mentions

This Zap is for your social media team. Create a new thread out of every Twitter mention to keep your team updated on what people are saying about your organization. In situations where your team is getting mentioned a lot, this Zap will speed up your team’s response time as they can immediately discuss the best reaction on Twist.

Here’s the Zap.

Start a thread whenever there’s a new item in your RSS feed

This Zap will keep your team updated with important news sources. For example, if your team wants to stay current with productivity apps, you can create a “Productivity App News” channel, then connect it to the RSS feed of your favorite productivity app blog. Every new article will be posted as a new thread on the channel where the team can discuss.

Use these Zaps to connect Twist to Pocket, Feedly or a blog’s direct RSS feed.

Start a thread whenever you receive a new payment, invoice, or order in your e-commerce, payment or, accounting tool

If you use a payment processing or accounting tool like Stripe, PayPal, Xero or FreshBooks, you can have each new order posted as a new thread. Your team can then discuss each new payment, invoice, or order in a central, easily accessible place inside Twist. This prevents transactions from falling through the cracks and ensures your team follows up as needed.

There are Zaps ready for integrating with QuickBooks, Xero, and Stripe. On top of that, Zapier supports a wide variety of accounting and payment tools including Wave, PayPal and more — you can create a custom Zap with any of those tools.

Post a message whenever you receive a new support ticket or live chat message

This Zap lets your support team discuss new tickets in an organized way. Every ticket will be posted as a message to the support team, where they can delegate and decide on a course of action.

Check out these Zaps connecting Twist to Zendesk or Desk. There are other customer support options including Freshdesk, Samanage and LiveChat — create a custom Zap to connect with the tool your team uses.

Post a comment whenever someone submits a response to your online form

If you use forms to collect user feedback, this Zap will allow your team to stay on the pulse of the incoming results.

Here’s the Zap for Typeform.

Share Zaps more easily with Zapier for Teams

As your team starts to use more Zaps, you’ll want to share effective workflows with one another. Zapier for Teams makes that easier. Specifically, your team can share Zaps connected to your company apps without having to share credentials.

For instance, let’s say your team wants to use the Zap you’ve recently created: Automatically post a Twist thread whenever there’s a new comment on the company WordPress blog. You can share the Zap and your team now has the ability to:

  • Use the Zap immediately
  • Customize the Zap actions and content, i.e. title of the Twist thread
  • Duplicate the Zap to connect WordPress to a different action in Twist, like posting a message instead of a comment

You’ll also be able to:

  • Create shared folders so your team can keep your shared Zaps organized
  • Move Zaps from your private folders to your team’s shared folders — and vice-versa
  • Manage your Zapier billing from a company account, rather than individual ones
  • Onboard new team-mates by setting up automations for them

Here’s a summary of the Twist Zaps for reference. Feel free to print it out and leave it by your desk for some team workflow inspiration.

If you’re having trouble creating a Zap, check out Zapier’s help center article to walk you through the steps.

If you’re interested in more Twist workflows, check out the Twist Zapbook on Zapier. Or learn more about Twist integrations.

How do you use Zapier and Twist to keep your team organized? Share your favorite workflow, tips, and tricks with us on Twitter @twistappteam.