New Feature – January 2020

Your Todoist 2019 Year in Review is Here!

Take a moment to reflect on your productivity trends and set new goals for 2020

Todoist Year in Review 2019
Illustration by Margarida Mouta and Yin Weihung
“Reflection and review enables the long-term improvement of all habits because it makes you aware of your mistakes and helps you consider possible paths for improvement.”

– James Clear

An annual review is a powerful tool for self-reflection and continuous improvement.

But remembering everything that happened in 365 days isn’t easy. That’s why an audit of your productivity tools can paint a picture of how you spent the last year. Review your emails, calendar, journal entries, and task manager. If you’re a Todoist user, we’ve got you covered on the last one.

Your Todoist Year in Review has the stats you need to understand your productivity trends in 2019:

  • View how many tasks you completed throughout the year.
  • Check out your most productive month, day of the week, and time of day.
  • See how many of your completed tasks were high, medium, and low priority.

And a lot more! Take a look at your Todoist Year in Review 2019:

View Your Productivity Report

Take it a step further with a full annual review

While your to-dos don’t offer a full picture of your past year, they’re a great place to start. Complement your Todoist Year in Review with a full review of your past year, where you consider everything from your health to your happiness. If you’ve never conducted an annual review, here are two great resources to get started:

Through rediscovering accomplishments and setbacks and recalling highlights and low points, you’ll be equipped with the information you need to set new goals and move in the right direction in 2020.

Make reflection a regular practice

Reflection shouldn’t be a one-off annual event. Try adding in a weekly review, where you’re radically honest about whether or not you’re progressing towards your goals.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • How do I feel I did this week overall?
  • What enabled me to reach my goals this week?
  • Has anything prevented me from reaching my goals this week?
  • Which actions did I take this week that will propel me towards my long-term goals?
  • How can I improve for next week?
  • What can I do next week that will set me up for my long-term goals?
  • What should I plan for the next month? Next year? The next 5 years?

Change doesn’t happen in 365-day chunks; it happens one day at a time. Use regular reflection to stay mindful of your growth or lack thereof. In continuously fine-tune your life, you’ll achieve what you truly want.

Wishing you a happy and reflective year,

The Doist Team