New Todoist Features for iOS 10 and watchOS 3

Todoist for iOS 10

In every update, our goal is to make your day easier to manage by making Todoist for iOS cleaner, faster, simpler. We want to get every unnecessary swipe, tap, and icon out of your way so you can focus on achieving what’s important to you.

That’s why we’re excited to announce new updates to Todoist on your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch to coincide with the release of iOS 10 and watchOS 3! We think these changes will go a long way in helping you spend less time in the Todoist app so you spend more time getting things done.

Here’s a quick overview of what’s new in Todoist on your Apple devices:

Get the latest version. Then read on for the nitty-gritty details on how to get the most out of these new features:

A new Today widget makes it easy to know what’s coming up next

The first (and all-too-often hardest) step to getting things done is knowing exactly what you should be working on at any given point throughout the day. That’s where your Todoist Today widget comes in.

The new Todoist for iOS 10 puts your day’s tasks right at your fingertips so you’ll always know what’s coming up next:

  • Just swipe right on your home screen – or even your locked screen – to pull up your Today widget.

Full Widget

  • Or use 3D Touch on the Todoist icon on your homescreen to pull up the compact version of the Today widget with the next two tasks you have due.

3D Widget

We redesigned the Todoist Today widget to fit right at home on your iOS 10 device – the simplified design makes your tasks easy to read at a glance so you can get the information you need as quickly as possible. No unnecessary distractions.

You can also use the Today widget to quickly add new tasks to your to-do list as they come up and complete tasks that you’ve already taken care of.

The Todoist Share Extension gets smarter and faster

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information we consume on our phones. Todoist’s Share Extension on iOS puts you in control of what information you consume and when.

With this latest update, you’ll be able to use Todoist’s smart Quick Add to save any webpage URL as a task. Then organize the linked task exactly the way you want – file it into a project, give it a due date or label, add a comment, and more – without ever leaving the app you’re in.

Share Extension

For example, say you came across a particularly distracting article in your Safari app while you’re supposed to be doing research for a new project (totally hypothetical scenario of course). You can use the Todoist Share Extension to quickly file it away for later so you can refocus on the task at hand.

How it works

Just click on the Share icon and select Todoist from the list:

How to share gifTodoist’s smart Quick Add will open up, pre-populated with the article title and link. You can choose to:

  • Give it a due date using natural language (like “next Monday”)
  • Organize it into a project (like #Reading List)
  • Add a priority level (like p1) or label (like @news)
  • Assign it to a collaborator (like +Ana)
  • Or add a comment

When you tap enter, the task will save to your Todoist with all the relevant information and a link directly back to the webpage in Safari so you can read it on your time.

Todoist for Apple Watch: The Tasks You Need to See Most, Just a Quick Glance Away

Todoist for Apple Watch has one main goal: to get you the information you need exactly when you need it.

That’s why we’ve redesigned the app to put the tasks you need to see most just a quick glance away.

(And if you’re using watchOS 3, we rebuilt the app to be much much faster.)

Here’s what’s new:

Customize your default task view

Now, when you open the app on your Watch you can choose which task view you’ll see. By default, it will be set to show your Today list, ­but you can customize it to fit the way you use your Watch.

Use your Watch while you’re out and about running errands? Set your default view to “Errands”. Only want to see your work tasks? Set the view to your “Work” project.

Default View

Just open Todoist on your Apple Watch, use Force Touch on the app screen, and tap “Choose View” to select a new default to-do list.

How to Choose

Keep Todoist a button press away in your Dock

The watchOS 3’s new Dock feature keeps your favorite apps a side-button press away, always. No more hunting around for app bubbles on a tiny screen.

Now, you can get a quick preview of your tasks and open the full Todoist app just by pressing the side button.


Here’s how to add Todoist to your Dock:

  1. Open Todoist on your Apple Watch.
  2. Press the side button to open the Dock.
  3. Tap Keep in Dock underneath the preview card.

Much, much faster.

Apple’s new watchOS 3 let us completely rework the way the Todoist app runs. Long and very technical story short: things load fast.

That means less holding up your arm for an awkwardly long time waiting for your tasks to load and more impressing your friends and coworkers with the fact that you can keep life organized from your wrist. (Always a very popular party trick ?)

Start using these new features today:

Get the new Todoist for iOS & Apple Watch

And as always, if you happen upon a bug or are enlightened with an awesome idea to make Todoist even better, let us know at We really appreciate it!