Todoist Sync API v6 Deprecation

Goodbye v6. Hello v7.

v6 deprecation

Using Todoist with integrations adds a substantial amount of power to your workflow. You may already use integrations such as Google Calendar, Alexa, Toggl, IFTTT or one of the many others to accomplish daily tasks or automate repetitive actions.

Each one of those integrations is powered by our integration platform. If you’d like to find more information on how to add integrations to your account, our help center for Todoist and Twist has numerous guides to help you get started.

To support this infrastructure, we’re always making improvements to the developer experience like a REST API (currently in beta) and other exciting changes that we’ll share more about in the near future. But with new additions comes the need to deprecate older versions of our APIs and services. Deprecation allows us to focus our efforts on creating and maintaining new experiences that make Todoist and Twist more powerful.

That’s why after March 30th 2018 the Todoist Sync API v6 will no longer function. All current integrations built with the Sync API will be required to use version 7. Any integrations built with version 6 of the Sync API will receive a 410 GONE response when the deprecation happens.

This change also applies to our webhook versioning, so please make sure your integration is using version 7 or above before March 30th. To make the migration process as seamless as possible, we’ve created a guide that covers each change in detail.

We’ll be working closely to assist any developers that have issues upgrading their integrations or require any additional information –feel free to get in touch via support.

How can I create my own integrations for Todoist and Twist?

Integrations can be everything from a small piece of functionality such as 1Password to larger creative efforts that completely change the way a user interacts with the app with the likes of Zapier. If you’re interested in creating your own, the first place to start is our developer documentation for the app you want to build for. Explore the Todoist documentation here or Twist documentation here.

When creating integrations with Todoist, you can create a new integration with the Sync API (v7+) or the REST API. Both APIs can be interfaced with via a language/framework of your choice, with first class support for Python via our SDK.

How can I stay updated on future API announcements?

To keep up with future announcements, you can subscribe to our mailing list and follow @DoistDevs on Twitter where we’ll be posting everything — API updates, tutorials, contests, and much more.