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Which productivity method fits you best?

Which productivity method is right for you?
Illustration by Margardia Mouta

Successful people don’t just keep a to-do list. They have intentional systems for capturing, organizing, and prioritizing everything they need to accomplish. Their systems allow them to start each day with calm clarity, get started even when they don’t feel like it, and make progress on the important things without losing track of the small stuff.

If find yourself feeling unorganized, unfocused, and unmotivated, chances are you don’t need a new app. You need a new system.

But finding the right productivity method for your personality, workstyle, and needs can feel like a Cinderella-glass-slipper quest. Do you GTD? Eat The Frog? Pomodoro? Prioritize like Eisenhower? Set OKRs like Google? Time block like Elon Musk? Day theme like Jack Dorsey?

There are dozens of productivity methods out there – each promising a more organized, more successful, less stressed out version of yourself. It’s hard to know where to even start!

That’s why we created a central hub of the world’s best productivity methods with in-depth guides to walk you through each one step-by-step. We include tips for how to implement each method with Todoist, but these systems can be implemented with any task manager – even pen and paper! The important things are the habits, routines, and mindsets, not the tool.

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The world’s best productivity methods, all in one place.

We organized the methods around how much time and energy they require – low commitment, medium commitment, and high commitment – as well as the primary productivity challenges they aim to solve – focus, goals, procrastination, prioritization, task management, and time management.

Browse the guides on your own, or take the Productivity Methods Quiz for a personalized recommendation based on your unique strengths, challenges, and goals.

The Todoist Productivity Methods Quiz
Take the quiz to get a personalized recommendation based on your workstyle and goals.

As you explore the methods, remember they’re more like guidelines than strict rules. Try them on for size. Keep the pieces that fit and throw out the rest. Mix and match. Tweak and tailor them to fit your needs.

The best productivity method is the one you’ll stick to day in and day out. In the end, only you can decide which one that is. We hope this productivity methods hub can help you get there.

Don’t see your favorite productivity method in the hub? We’ll be continually adding new guides in the future. Let us know which ones you’d like to see in the comments below 👇