How to Use Todoist to Manage a Small Business

From ease of use to project management to the 'karma' factor, a jewelry designer shares what she loves about Todoist.

elizabeth anne norris

Can I start by saying I “thought” I was organized? Let me explain.

I started my jewelry company Elizabeth Anne Norris three years ago and have been building it slowly, learning as I go. Although I know and love designing handmade jewelry and teaching jewelry-making skills, I found I never had enough time and was always chasing my tail.

Four months ago I took a brilliant online business course with Flourish Thrive Academy where I learnt how to improve my business. One major thing that struck me from the course was how disorganized I was. As a result of this, I discovered Todoist. It has revolutionized the way I work and has undoubtedly increased my productivity.

Being a solopreneur in my jewelry business, I have many work-streams: designing and making jewelry collections, managing sales through my online shops, commissions, jewelry classes, and marketing—to name a few. It became very apparent that being organized, efficient, and productive were essential to give me more time to develop and grow my business.

I used to hand write to-do lists when I needed them, but then I’d forget to copy something onto the new list, or I’d leave the list at home when I needed it at my jewelry workshop—not very organized. For awhile, I used the ‘reminder’ function on my smart phone, but I found that it wouldn’t always remind me when I needed to be reminded—very frustrating. I now use the Todoist app every day.

7 things I love about Todoist as an entrepreneur

  1. Todoist follows me: I spend half my time working from home on my computer, and half my time at my workshop either making or teaching jewelry. With the Todoist app on my phone and laptop I’ve always got my to do list with me wherever I am.
  2. Easy to use: Todoist is completely intuitive and easy to use. I picked it up straight away. If there is anything I need to know how to do, I just head straight to Todoist Help, which has quick and easy ‘how to’ videos.
  3. Never forget: As soon as a new task or project arises, it goes straight onto my Todoist app. Once I’ve added a task it’s always there—until I’ve completed it, of course.
  4. Prioritizing: With Todoist, I can quickly and easily prioritize by workload. As shown below, I can prioritize my tasks so they appear in the order that they should be done. The clear color coding down the left side of the list makes it easy to see the priority of each task.
  5. Project management: Planning a project, like the wedding ring commission I’ve just started, is very easy with Todoist. I can list each step of the project and assign a date for it. Then I can prioritize each step. Very quickly, I can estimate how long the commission will take and let my customers know. Below you’ll see how I’ve set up my wedding ring project.
  6. Repeating tasks: Like most people, I have the same tasks to do every week. With Todoist I need only add these to my list once. I set them up to repeat by typing ‘repeat every thursday 10 a.m.,’ for example. Done! Amazing how intuitive this app is.
  7. Feel good factor: Finally, I love the satisfaction of ticking off my completed tasks and reviewing my Karma points for my productivity. And best of all is the graphic that lets me sleep well each night. At the end of the day, when all of your tasks are complete, Todoist tells you to enjoy your evening.

I highly recommend you try out Todoist and start with the free version while you learn the ropes.