New Feature – September 2015

Achieve More, Every Day: Todoist’s New Logo & Brand

Unveiling our new brand identity.

Achieve more, every day.

The Todoist community is a hard one to define.

You get things done on 6 continents, in 190 countries and in 20 different languages.

You are students and teachers, grandmothers and CEOs, designers and financial analysts, and everything in between.

You use Todoist to manage international nonprofits and small businesses, to keep track of shopping lists and strategic plans, to write dissertations and novels, to organize road trips and weddings, to remember to send birthday presents and to motivate yourself to go for a run.

You’re collectively most productive at ten o’clock in the morning and on Mondays. (You generally like to take Saturdays pretty easy.) Together, you’ve racked up an impressive one and a half billion Karma points.

Most importantly, you strive to achieve more, every day.

A new Todoist

Last year, we took a look at our growing user base and realized that our previous “TD” logo just didn’t fit with such an incredibly diverse and inspiring Todoist community. It was time to create a new visual identity to reflect your creativity, passion, and get-it-done attitude.

And so, we set out to bring our entire brand –  logo, typeface, color scheme, websites and blog –  in line with our mission: To build a tool that can help anyone achieve more every day.

After nearly a year of design and development, we’re thrilled to introduce you to the new Todoist.

The plan, the action, the result.

Todoist logo revolution

The most identifiable part of any brand is its logo. With that in mind, we embarked on creating  a new “face” of Todoist that would show the world what our product, team, and users are truly all about. At the same time, we wanted to find a strong symbol that would unify the Todoist identity across all our platforms and be easily recognizable from any home screen.

We went through countless iterations, but, in the end, we always came back to the classic checkmark.

People may think that a checkmark is mundane, but we see it as a symbol of the hard work that bridges our goals, dreams, and ambitions to reality.  The three checkmarks in the logo represent the plan, the action, and the result. From the start, Todoist has been a community of people who make things happen. We’re proud to reflect that in our new identity.

To maintain a connection with our brand’s 8-year history, we decided to keep the traditional Todoist red. We brightened up the previous hue to make the logo sharp and fresh on-screen.

todoist homescreen logo

Alongside Todoist’s new logo, we changed the Todoist brand typeface from the popular Open Sans to the clean, yet recognizable Graphik font. The new typeface gives our webpages a distinct look and feel while preserving Todoist’s characteristic distraction-free design.

Finally, we updated every single element of our website and blog — from color scheme and typeface to content and imagery — to fit our new brand identity. Our refreshed web pages reflect our focus not just on product features, but on actually empowering our users to get more out of each and every day.

Todoist new homepage

Completely new web, plug-in, and desktop apps.

Nowhere is our new look and feel more prominent than in Todoist’s web, plug-in, and desktop apps. When you log in at, from Gmail, or from your desktop, you’ll find a brighter, cleaner design with more spacious list rows, 10 customizable color themes for the top navigation bar, new icons, and a focus on responsive design as you change the window size.

(Of course, if you’ve become attached to the original all-white Todoist interface, you can always revert to our Neutral theme.)

todoist web app themes

In addition to a complete re-design, this update adds powerful capabilities. With the new Todoist for Web, Mac, Windows, Gmail, and more you’ll be able to:

Add tasks faster than ever with the intelligent Quick Add. Just type all of your task details like task name, priority level, labels, and due dates into the same task name field. The natural language Quick Add will automatically recognize, highlight, and categorize each piece of information for you.

todoist quick add

Add advanced recurring due dates to your tasks. Add complex tasks like “go for a run every other day starting today and ending december 15th” to your to-do lists. The intelligent date parser that powers Quick Add is available in 14 languages and recognizes 300+ natural language rules in each, making your recurring due date options virtually limitless.

Attach comments as you create a new task with Quick Comment. Just click on the speech bubble icon while adding a new to-do to your list.  You’ll be able to add all of the relevant details to your new task right from the start.

todoist quick find

Locate the information you need right away with Quick Find. Using Quick Find in the navigation bar, you can now type any search query and immediately view the results in the drop-down menu including tasks, projects, labels, and filters.

Manage your tasks on mobile. The new Todoist web app is optimized for screens of any size. You can now visit from your smartphone or tablet and access the beautiful and easy-to-use task management app you’ve come to enjoy on the web.

Going forward.

This rebranding has been over a year in the making and involved team members across all of our multidisciplinary teams. We’re proud to have a brand that reflects what we value most.

Ultimately, Todoist brand isn’t about a new logo or a beautiful interface or even a new set of features. It’s about the awesome things, big and small, that our users accomplish every day with Todoist. We’re deeply humbled that you’ve chosen us to help you achieve your important goals, and we can’t wait to see what you’ll be achieving in the years to come.

The Todoist Team