Keep your Todoist notifications beautifully organized with Inbox by Gmail

The best way to streamline your email system

All your project updates, neatly organized and actionable.

If you use Todoist to collaborate with your team, there’s a lot you need to stay on top of – new tasks assigned to you, new comments from teammates, deadline changes. And that’s just for starters.

Teamwork moves fast, and project notifications can quickly overwhelm your inbox.

If that sounds at all familiar, we’re launching the integration for you – Inbox by Gmail automagically organizes all your Todoist notifications so you can quickly get up to speed on the latest. It’s a faster, saner way to stay up-to-date on all your shared projects.

Here’s what you’ll see next time you open your Inbox:

Notifications bundled into one skimmable digest

Your Todoist notifications will be bundled together by project

With this new integration, notifications are grouped/bundled together by project into a single expandable card. No need to sift through a long list of emails and search for important notifications from your projects. Each Todoist project is clearly marked so you can quickly get up to speed on each one.

Quick highlights of what’s important

Quick snippets to summarize each notification

Inbox does the heavy lifting for you, surfacing the most relevant information from your notification in a message preview.  Quickly skim through all your notifications without having to open them. Swipe away ones that don’t need your attention, and click through to get more details for the ones that do.

One-click access to your projects and tasks

Get right to work from your Inbox

Each notification preview in Inbox includes a link directly to the relevant task or project. Simply click on “Open in Todoist” and start getting things done in your Todoist.

(Or “Pin” your notification to your Inbox to make sure you come back to it later.)

If you’re already a Inbox by Gmail user and have email notifications turned on in Todoist, you don’t have to do a thing. Starting today, Inbox will auto-magically organize your Todoist email notifications without any further action on your part.

If you’re not an Inbox user, try it out today to start managing your shared project notifications with ease.