New Feature – December 2020

Talk it Out with Todoist for Google Assistant

Keep up with your to-do list in just a few words

Illustration by Margarida Mouta

Todoist is designed to get your tasks out of your mind and into your to-do list. And it’s super easy to do that by typing out your tasks on your phone or computer. But when you’re holding groceries, walking the dog, or cooking in the kitchen, speaking out your tasks is a lot quicker than spelling them out.

That’s why we’re revealing a completely redesigned Todoist for Google Assistant, to make adding tasks with your voice easier. Learn how it works and get examples of how you can use it in your day-to-day below.

A Day With Todoist for Google Assistant

To start using Todoist by voice, just say a few words to any Google Assistant equipped device:

“Let me talk to Todoist.”

Todoist will provide plenty of options for adding, viewing, and completing tasks. Whether you want to add a task on the go, or hear what you’ve got due today, this integration will save you time and make your life a little more hands-free.

You can also perform actions in Todoist in just one sentence, too:

“Hey Google, ask Todoist…”

Let’s look at a handful of examples by walking through a day with Todoist for Google Assistant.

Get a glimpse of what’s ahead

You’re up, showered, and just grabbed a coffee. Get a quick audio update about all the tasks you have scheduled today:

Todoist Google Home tasks scheduled
See all of the tasks you have due today.

Add tasks on-the-go

You’re walking out the door to work and remember you need tomato sauce for tonight’s lasagna recipe. Make last-minute additions to your grocery list hands-free:

Todoist Google Assistant shopping list
Add an item to your shopping list in seconds.

Add all the task details

You can now add all of the details of a task with your voice. Let’s say you’re trying to land a big sale at work and need to make an important call. Add a task and set the date, priority, project, and label in one go:

Todoist Google Assistant task details
Add all the details of a new task in one line.

Remember life’s important events

Have an important presentation coming up? Make sure you’re right on time! Tell your Google Assistant device to remind you of your upcoming to-do.

Todoist Google Assistant due time reminder
Add a task with a due time (and an automatic reminder, too).
💡 Whenever you add a task with a time, Todoist will automatically set a reminder that’ll pop up on your devices 10 minutes before the event, too. You can update the default reminder time in Settings > Reminders.

Mark off completed tasks

Whew! You just finished delivering that presentation you’ve been working on for weeks. It’ll feel awesome to check that task off with your voice:

Todoist Google Assistant complete task
Enjoy completing a task with your voice.

Take a look at what’s left

You’ve had a great day at work and finished a bunch of tasks. Check out which tasks you still have left:

Todoist Google Assistant project
Stay up to date by seeing every task in your work project.

There’s a lot more you can do with the new integration. To learn it all, check out our in-depth article on the Help Center.

Sometimes, your best ideas show up when you least expect it, like when you’re going for a jog, out with friends, or working on something unrelated. Use Todoist with your voice to make sure you can easily save those brilliant ideas in seconds, no matter where you are or what’s in your arms.