New Feature – October 2019

Say Hello to Todoist Foundations 🎉

A faster, more intuitive, more reliable way to get things done

Todoist Foundations banner image
Illustration by Margarida Mouta

Todoisters often tell us one of two powerful stories. Todoist has either helped you declutter your mind during a stressful time, or it’s helped you achieve a monumental goal you weren’t sure you could hit.

And over the last two years, we’ve been meticulously rebuilding Todoist’s foundation to help you get things done in a faster, more intuitive, and more reliable way. It’s finally time to share this new chapter with you.

Say hello to Todoist Foundations. 🎉

Foundations is an inside-and-out update that introduces useful new features and adds polish to the ones you already use every day:

  • Divide and conquer your projects with new Sections.
  • See everything about your task at a glance with Task View.
  • Keep track of the little things with the Sub-tasks View.
  • Add tasks more easily with the redesigned Quick Add for mobile.
  • Easily add tasks right where you need them with the Dynamic Add button for mobile.
  • And more…
Simple, yet powerful – Todoist should make it as easy to take care of your grocery list as to coordinate a project with your team.

This update also includes under-the-hood updates that make for the fastest, most reliable Todoist yet – and lays the groundwork for more powerful features coming next, like Boards and Upcoming View.

Foundations is rolling out now, and will be available to everyone over the next 24 hours. In the meantime, let’s dive into the details: 👇

💪 Divide and conquer your project with Sections

When you’re planning out a project, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer number of tasks involved. To make staying on track easier, split your project into Sections and take your tasks on in parts.

Add a section from the three dots menu in the top right of any project, then add tasks by dragging them underneath or pressing “Add task” under the right section. On desktop, you can quickly add a section by hovering your cursor between other sections (as seen below).

Keep your task list in order by rearranging whole sections wherever you need them. You can even collapse other sections to stay focused on one area at a time.

And once created, you can speedily add tasks to any section by typing “/” in Quick Add:

Mobile phone with a Quick Add task open. It reads: "Pick paint colors #House /Painting."

Try using sections to arrange your project by type of task (Copy, Design, Implementation), stage of the project (Research, Planning, Launch), or by timeline (Week 1, Week 2, Week 3).

✅Start your next project with a template. There are over 50 pre-made projects available, all organized with the new Sections.

➡Learn more about Sections

💡 Manage every detail in one place with Task View

The secret to getting things done is to pay attention to the details – that means keeping track of a task’s due date, project, priority, labels, sub-tasks, comments, and more. The good news is you can now manage everything from one place with the new Task View.

Simply tap the task on mobile or click the information icon when you hover over a task on desktop.

Seeing all your tasks’s details (including subtasks!) in one place makes life a little simpler.

➡Learn more about Task View

🔨 Break down your tasks with Sub-tasks View

Sometimes a task is so intimidating you don’t even know where to start. Make those first steps easier by breaking it down with the new Sub-tasks View within Task View.

You’ll now have a dedicated space where you can add, complete, or rearrange your sub-tasks, so you can keep track of and check off each step along the way.

➡Learn more about how to use Sub-tasks

Add tasks more intuitively with the redesigned Quick Add (on iOS & Android)

Adding a new task from your phone is more intuitive with the redesigned Quick Add. Keep track of your new task’s details with helpful buttons that display the due date, project, and assignee.

Plus, for those tasks that you’re likely to forget – like picking up the groceries after a busy day of work – you can now add reminders right from Quick Add.

➡Learn more about how to use Quick Add

👇 Add a task wherever you need it with the Dynamic Add button (on iOS and Android)

It’s always been a breeze to add a task from mobile – but it wasn’t as easy to add the task or sub-task in the middle of a project list. Now it’s as simple as drag-and-drop thanks to the new Dynamic Add button on iOS and Android.

Simply press and hold the Add button (the big plus sign in the bottom right), and drag it to the spot where you want to create your new task or sub-task. You can even add a new section by dragging to the far left of any project.

➡Learn more about the Dynamic Add button

✅  See your completed tasks in context

You can now see completed tasks right inside your project. Simply open up a project, select “Show completed tasks” from the three dots menu in the top right, and you’ll see checked-off tasks below where they were completed.

With the new “Show completed tasks”, it’s easier to see what you’ve accomplished and, if you need to, uncomplete tasks in the right spot.

🎨 New icons everywhere you look

You’ll notice new icons with a more colorful palette throughout the app, designed to aid navigation and create a more friendly experience.

🚀 Faster and more reliable on every device

You won’t be able to see some of the biggest changes in Todoist Foundations, but you should be able to feel them. Testers who’ve been trying the beta for a few weeks noted that Todoist is noticeably snappier and more stable. Thanks to a major clean up of technical debt (accumulated from ten years of development), Foundations is the best performing Todoist ever, no matter the device you’re using.

And in case you missed it…

We’ve been building Todoist Foundations brick by brick over the past year and a half – here are some handy features you may have missed along the way:

  • 🌙 Dark theme: Ease your eyes with this new theme, perfect for the night.
  • 🧡 Favorites: Keep your most important projects, labels, or filters close at hand.
  • 🎯 Templates: Kickstart your next project using templates for all sorts of projects.
  • 🔎 Improved search: It’s now easier to find tasks, comments, and more.
  • Due date time zones: You can keep your task scheduled correctly across the globe.
  • ✏ Guide illustrations: You’ll spot beautiful illustrations with helpful tips in all the blank screens in Todoist.

Building the to-do list of the future

This update is called Foundations for a reason: We’re laying the groundwork for powerful, highly requested features coming next, like Boards, which will give you a useful new way to visualize your tasks, and Upcoming View, which will make it easier to visualize and plan further ahead. 🚀 We appreciate your patience as we finalize our roadmap and make sure we get these features just right.

Foundations is designed to help you improve your life, whether you’re de-stressing, achieving goals, or using it in whatever way works for you. We hope this update makes a big impact, and look forward to hearing your stories. Share them with us on Twitter @Todoist or on Instagram @todoistofficial.