New Feature – September 2018

Introducing Dark Theme for Todoist

Todoist is going to the dark side

Yes, you read that right. Dark Theme for Todoist has (finally) arrived! And it’s available right now on every platform — iOS, Android, macOS, Windows and more.

Dark theme revamps every color, icon, and font in the app for a completely, well, darker look. Whether you’re a night owl who wants to give your eyes a rest or you just want to change things up a bit, you’ll find something to love.
dark theme

To go dark, simply open settings, select themes, and choose dark from the options.

You can also make your dark theme pop by setting a color for your projects, labels, or filters. Pick your favorite out of 20 colors ranging from aqua to lime. Your colors will now stay synced on every platform, so you can find what you need faster.

Finally, show off your dark Todoist on Twitter (and don’t forget to tag us @todoist).