New Feature – February 2016

Todoist Updates for all Your Apple Devices + An iPad Pro Giveaway!

One seamless Todoist experience across all your Apple devices.

Todoist for Apple platforms

The apps and devices you rely on every day become extensions of your passion and creativity. They should work together seamlessly to simplify your life so you can focus on what’s meaningful to you.

That’s the philosophy that drives us at Todoist. It’s why Todoist’s iOS team has spent the last months crafting updates for all our current Apple platforms (plus one new one).  Our goal was to create one seamless, end-to-end integration of your Todoist lists on all your Apple devices. On each platform, we worked to take full advantage of the unique features that power your devices and your productivity. We’re excited to unveil the results!

Today, we’re rolling out:

See what’s new in Todoist for iOS and Apple Watch

See what’s new in Todoist for Mac and Safari

Todoist for iOS

When Apple unveiled iOS 9, we immediately saw the potential to make task management on iOS even faster. We want you to spend less time managing your Todoist tasks so you can spend more time on getting things done. Today we’re introducing four new, incredibly powerful time-saving updates:

Add a new dimension to your productivity

With our new version for iOS 9, you’ll have two brand-new 3D touch interactions to add tasks and access information even more quickly:

  1. Force touch the Todoist icon from your phone’s home screen to quickly add a task, or view your tasks for today or the next 7 Days.  

Todoist 3D Touch

  1. Inside the app, force touch any URL in task names or comments to take a peek of the webpage without ever leaving the app.

Todoist for iOS 9 - 3D Touch

Experience zen-like flow with Deep Linking

With Deep Linking, any Todoist links you open will take you directly to that task, comment, or list view inside the Todoist app rather than opening Todoist in your mobile web browser. The next time your boss sends an email with a link to an urgent task to follow up on, you can get right to the Todoist app in a single tap and wow her with your productive agility.

Become an organizational fiend with Spotlight Search

Our new Spotlight search integration makes quickly finding any task or project a breeze. No more clicking through projects and scrolling through your lists in hopes of finding that one obscure task you need to follow up on. Simply swipe from top to bottom on your iOS home screen to open Spotlight, and type in your search query. Then click on the result you want to instantly open it in the Todoist app, and you’re ready to go.

Todoist for iOS 9 - Spotlight Search

Respond to comments without entering the Todoist app

Last, but certainly not least, you’ll be able to respond to comments right from your Notification Center. No need to open the Todoist app at all. Just tap on the comment notification, jot down a quick response, and keep all your team’s projects moving along nicely.

Bonus: A completely rebuilt app

With this update, we went back to the start and rebuilt almost the entire Todoist for iOS codebase. You won’t be able to see these changes in the app, but you’ll definitely feel the difference. Your swipes will be swipier, your taps will be tappier, and overall everything in the app will be much smoother, faster. This rebuild also lays the foundation for exciting new experiences on our Apple platforms in the future. Stay tuned… ?

(Bonus bonus: We also added keyboard shortcuts to the iOS app for your iPad Pro enjoyment.)

Upgrade to the new Todoist for iOS

*After you update, we’ll need to migrate all of your tasks to the latest version of Todoist for iOS. It shouldn’t take more than a few seconds. To start the migration, please make sure your device is connected to the Internet when you first re-open the app.

Todoist for Apple Watch is now native

Apple’s newest operating system for the Watch allowed us to build a much faster, more powerful wearable to-do list. The new app is native and runs from the Watch itself, not from your phone. That means:

No more sore arms from waiting to load

The native Todoist for Apple Watch eliminates the loading time when navigating between screens. That means you can get in and out of your to-do lists in a matter of seconds. The downside? You may have to start going to the gym again to give your Watch arm a workout.

Offline support to liberate you from your phone

You no longer need your phone – or even an Internet connection – to view and manage tasks from your Apple Watch. The native Todoist app lets you view and manage your to-dos completely offline. So the next time you decide to channel your inner Thoreau by living alone, a mile from any neighbor, in a house you built yourself on the shore of Waldon Pond, you can still capture all your tasks and ideas in Todoist for Apple Watch. Everything will sync across all your devices when you’re ready to come back to civilization.

Complications! (but in a good way)

Todoist for Apple Watch - Complications

Despite their name, these little bits of information that live on your Watch’s main screen will actually simplify your life. Todoist Complications keep key information about your upcoming tasks just a quick glance away.

You can customize your Complications to show the number of tasks you have left for today, your next upcoming task, or the number of tasks you’ve already completed in several different configurations. Get a quick overview of your productivity, or tap on the Complication to enter the Todoist app. You can also Time Travel with your Digital Crown to see all of your upcoming tasks that are due at a specific time.

Reply to your colleagues without breaking your flow

Just like our update for iOS 9, the native Todoist for Apple Watch allows you to reply to comments right from the notification center. Just tap on the notification, dictate your reply, and keep on trucking.

Todoist for Mac: Quick Add Shortcut meets Intelligent Input

Your computer is your productivity hub – it’s where your most focused, meaningful work happens. A pesky little thing like an idea or to-do that comes to mind when you’re diligently working on something completely unrelated shouldn’t get in your way. That’s where our latest update for Todoist for Mac comes in.

The revamped Quick Add Shortcut – now powered by our Intelligent Input – lets you type in tasks with natural language deadlines (ex. every day at 4pm), priorities (ex. P1), labels (ex. @email), and projects (ex. #Apple Launch) without leaving the application you’re currently in. Whether you’re drafting an important message in Mail, crunching numbers in Excel, watching House of Cards or the latest documentary on Netflix, you can capture your tasks and ideas in a matter of seconds.

Todoist for Mac - Quick Add Shortcut

How it works

  1. Simply use the keyboard shortcut SHIFT+COMMAND+A to open the Quick Add Shortcut.
  1. Then type in a task like “Become President of the United States on Nov 8 #WorldDomination p1” and hit RETURN.

Your text will automatically be saved as a “priority 1” task in your “WorldDomination” project with a due date on November 8, and you can continue whatever you were doing before without breaking a stride.

(On a side note, if you are planning to take over the White House in a series of carefully orchestrated, morally questionable political maneuvers, we’d recommend breaking that task down into a series of small, manageable sub-tasks.)

Todoist for Safari completes your Apple productivity suite

Our Safari users have been waiting for this day for a long time – we’re thrilled to say Todoist for Safari is here to make your web surfing more productive than you ever thought possible.

To add any website as a task simply click the Todoist logo at the top of your browser window. The Todoist Quick Add shortcut will appear, pre-filled with the website url and title in the task field. Add a due date, label, priority level, or project then hit “Enter”. Your task will be saved with a link back to the website so you can get right back to it when you’re ready.

Todoist for Safari

You can also highlight text on any web page, two-finger tap to pull up the Safari context menu, and choose “Add to Todoist”. The highlighted text will appear as a task in your Todoist inbox with a link back to the original website.

  •      Save articles to read for later
  •      Save Amazon pages for gift ideas
  •      Save IMDB pages to a Movies list
  •      Save Google Docs for future reference

Our Safari extension even works inside Gmail so you can add emails as tasks that link back to the original message when you’re ready to respond!

Note: You’ll need to have Todoist for Mac installed on your computer for the Safari extension to work.

We’re giving away an iPad Pro to celebrate!

We want to help one lucky user jumpstart their Todoist-Apple productivity by giving away a brand-new 32GB iPad Pro (any color)!  

Simply use the widget below to be entered to win automatically. You’ll earn 4 entry points for answering our 30 second survey, 2 points for following Todoist on Twitter, visiting our Facebook page and/or subscribing to our blog.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway details: Please note that you must have a Todoist account to win. The giveaway will end on Wednesday, March 9th, 2016 at 12:00PM PT. The winner will be randomly chosen from all proper entries and, as always, the giveaway is open to anyone around the world. Winners will be notified via social media and on the Todoist blog.

We’re excited to see what our users will achieve with the latest Todoist updates on all their Apple devices. Let us know how you get things done with Todoist on Apple platforms in the comments below!