New Feature – March 2020

The Completely Redesigned Android Widget — Now with Compact Mode

Plus: Custom widget themes, preset styles, and adjustable opacity

New Todist Android widget thumbnail
Illustration by Margarida Mouta

One of Android’s most welcome features — and one that always comes up in the Android versus iOS debate — is its powerful, customizable widgets (and if you’re reading this, you’re probably Team Android 🤖).

Over the next 48 hours, Todoist is rolling out a completely redesigned widget that gives you full control of your tasks while also including a flexible look and an efficient new compact mode. Learn more below and catch up with other Todoist for Android updates too — from the dynamic add button to auto dark theme and more.

Handle your tasks with a powerful new widget

See a few tasks in Today view in Android widget

The newly redesigned-from-head-to-toe widget gives you instant access to your tasks and projects anytime. You’ll be able to:

See any task list: Choose any view you want —whether that’s the Inbox, Today, or a specific project, filter, or label. Simply tap the drop-down in the top left to choose.

👆 Manage your tasks with a tap: Add and complete tasks right from the widget. To see a task’s details, just tap on it. You can then change the due date, add a sub-task, leave a comment, and more.

Tap a task on the widget
To see everything about a task, just tap it.

📱 See more with compact mode: Have a lot on your plate? With the new compact mode, you’ll be able to see more tasks at once. It’s perfect for scanning your list on busy days.

Various widget themes
Choose from a tight compact mode or a more spacious layout.

Apply custom themes: Keep your widget looking sharp by selecting a custom theme. Choose from Todoist’s classic red, Sunflower yellow, Dark theme, and more. Your choice will only apply to the widget itself, so you can have an entirely separate theme from the app if you like.

👓 Set the transparency: Coordinate your widget’s style with your wallpaper by changing the opacity of the widget. There are a variety of options, from fully opaque to completely transparent.

Teammates using the widget
Some inspiration for your new look from a few Doisters.

💡For the uber-productive, try setting up multiple widgets at once. Each one can have their own independent settings, including themes and views.

Set up your widget in a snap

You’ll see an easy-to-use settings screen as soon as you drop the widget on your home screen and can access it anytime by tapping the gear icon in the top right.

Compact mode with settings

As you select your options (Choose view, Theme, Opacity, Compact mode, and Show Todoist icon), you’ll see a live preview of your look at the top. If you want a suggestion instead of setting the options yourself, tap Use preset styles to try a few pre-made looks.

👉 Set up your widget in seconds with this step-by-step guide on our help center.

A handful of bonus wallpapers to complete the look

For a more coordinated style, Doist’s product designer Alex Muench has created some brilliant Android wallpapers that go nicely with the widget. Hope you enjoy!

Widget wallpapers

Designing the widget

A few words on the design from product designer Alex Muench:

We focused on three main goals when designing the widget: a user experience that matched the Todoist app itself; a customizable, attractive look; and a compact mode.  The compact mode demonstrates the attention our team put into displaying all the information you need in an intuitive way, including project sections, an add button, and a task’s date & time, priority, and assignee:

Designing the Widget

The main challenge was to perfect the information density. With only limited widget space, we needed to include everything on one line and make sure we could display more tasks at once. We feel the final layout strikes a nice balance and hope you feel the same way when using it.

What else is new on Android?

Over the last few months, the Android team has been hard at work on a handful of time-saving Android updates you might also find useful:

➕ You can add a task, sub-task, or section wherever you want by dragging the add button.

drag the fab

👇 To rearrange your sub-tasks in Task View, just drag and drop.

rearrange sub-tasks in Task View

⚫ When you switch your Android device to dark theme, Todoist automatically switches to dark theme, too (you can toggle Auto dark theme on/off in Settings > Themes). (Android 10+)

Android dark mode

⌚ On Todoist for WearOS, you can easily scroll through task lists with rotary input. If you haven’t tried Todoist on your watch yet, give it a shot!

A watch with a rotary Todoist for Wear OS showing

A few Google apps updates as well:

📧 Turn an email into a task by tapping the Todoist icon at the bottom of Gmail.

📅 To align your schedule, sync multiple Todoist projects to multiple Google calendars.

multiple google calendars

We hope these new Android widget and updates help you manage your tasks more easily, save time, and get things done the way you want to. We’d love to hear how you use them, so share your new looks and workflows with us on Twitter @todoist or Instagram @todoistofficial.

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