New Feature – October 2016

Keep Track of Your Tasks Hands-free with the New Alexa Integration

Todoist is now integrated with Alexa!

Todoist Alexa Integration

Your favorite voice service + your Todoist = Hands-free productivity bliss

We’re excited to announce that Todoist is now integrated with Alexa! Alexa is the smart voice service that powers Amazon’s hands-free, voice-controlled Echo and Echo Dot devices. With this new integration, Alexa will help you add and remember your Todoist tasks from any room in your house without you ever having to reach for your phone.

Get the Integration

Or in the Alexa app, go to Settings, select Lists and then Todoist.

Over the past months, we’ve worked closely with Amazon as part of a limited participation beta, and we’re thrilled to be able to share the results with you today. Here’s what you can do with Todoist and Alexa together:

Ask Alexa to add any task to your Todoist

Todoist Alexa Integration

Never worry about forgetting the little things again. Whenever a task you need to remember comes up, just say something like, “Alexa, add pick up the kids to my to-do list.” A task to “Pick up the kids” will be automatically added to your Todoist inbox with today’s due date.

When dictating a task, Todoist’s smart date recognition will automatically recognize and add any due date you say. For example, saying, “Alexa, add pay the rent every first of the month to my to-do list,” will automatically add a recurring task to “Pay the rent” to your Todoist, due on the first day of every month. The task will disappear from your Alexa To-do list until the day your task is due.

todo_list – Echo + Todoist Today list

Ask Alexa to keep track of the things you need to buy

Alexa, add "coffee to my shopping list.

Say you realize you’re running out of coffee while making your daily cup of joe. With an Amazon Echo or Echo Dot device in your kitchen, you can say, “Alexa, add coffee to my shopping list,” without stopping what you’re doing to grab your phone. Alexa will add “Coffee” to your Alexa Shopping list project in Todoist so you won’t forget when you get to the store. Crisis averted!

shopping_list – echo + Todoist shopping list project

Ask Alexa what tasks you have left for the day

Alexa, what's on my to-do list for today?

Stay on top of what’s coming up next by asking Alexa to read you all the tasks left on your to-do list for today. Just say, “Alexa, what’s on my to-do list?” It’s like having someone you can always rely on to tell you exactly what to do next.

Here’s how the integration works:

Once you enable Todoist in the Alexa app available on iOS, Android, and Fire tablets, you’ll need to link your Todoist account. Your Alexa To-do and Shopping lists will be automatically synced with your Todoist, meaning:

  • All the Todoist tasks you have due today will be added to your Alexa To-do list each morning
  • All the tasks on your Alexa To-do list will be added to your Todoist inbox with today’s due date
  • All the tasks in your Todoist “Alexa Shopping List” project will automatically be added to your Alexa Shopping list, and vice versa
  • Any tasks you edit, complete, or delete in Todoist will be automatically updated on your Alexa To-do list, and vice versa

To make your favorite personal assistant even more helpful, just click the button below and follow the instructions:

Get the Integration

Don’t have an Echo? We’re giving them away!

To celebrate the launch of our Alexa integration, we’re giving away three Amazon Echo devices ­– one Amazon Echo and two Amazon Echo Dots ­– to three Todoist users! Click on the button below to share the news and enter for your chance to win :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The giveaway will run until Friday, October 28th at 9:00PM ET. The winner will be randomly drawn from all proper entries and will be announced here in this post on Monday, October 31st. To be eligible to win, you must be a Todoist user and be located in a country where the Echo is currently available: the US and the UK.

*The Amazon Echo and Echo Dot devices are given away on behalf of Todoist. Amazon is not a sponsor of this giveaway.

This marks the first steps in bringing Todoist into the modern smart home, and we can’t wait to continue our work with Amazon to make our integration even more powerful as Alexa continues to evolve and get smarter.

If you already have your Echo device, get the new integration today and make keeping track of your to-do list an effortless part of your day with Todoist and Alexa.