New Feature – June 2016

More Transparent Teamwork and Efficient Project Management with Todoist Business

New updates make Todoist Business a more powerful, streamlined project management platform for teams of all sizes.

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Taking a project from the first idea to completion takes time and focus. There are details to track, there is research to do, and there are tasks to delegate. That’s why project management software is a must.

The problem is, teams want a tool that allows them to get up and running without having to spend too much time on training up front.

That’s why over the past months, our entire team has been working hard to bring Todoist’s signature simple yet powerful task management to team collaboration. Our goal is to help teams stay organized and in sync without getting bogged down.  

Today’s update is the first of many we have planned to give teams more visibility and accountability in project management without creating extra work.   

Here’s what’s new in this Phase 1 release of Todoist for Business:

Team Activity Logs for transparent, efficient project management

Team activity logs make it easy to see everything happening across all your shared projects. There’s no need to constantly ask for status updates.  

Activity Log

Just open the activity log to see a stream of recent activity across your projects. You’ll be able to filter activity by:

  •       Collaborator: get caught up on a coworker’s status
  •       Project: see everything that’s going on in a given project
  •       Action: see all task updates or added comments
Activity Filters

Activity logs can be accessed via Todoist Business and Todoist Premium.

Project Comments keep high-level information organized and easily accessible

One of the hardest things about project management is high-level communication—keeping everyone aligned with the same goals, up-to-date with the latest information, and working from the same files.

The new Project Comments give you and your team a central hub for organizing all of those important, big-picture things.

Project Comments android

Use Project Comments to:

  • post project objectives and key timelines
  • share important files for later reference
  • give project-wide updates to all collaborators at once

Everything stays organized in one place and is just a click away for the whole team to reference at any time.

Project comments are available in shared projects for all Todoist accounts, including free accounts. project comments for unshared projects can be accessed via Todoist Business and Todoist Premium.

Smarter notifications for more information at a glance

More collaboration = more notifications. It’s an inescapable law of modern teamwork.

But notifications don’t have to be overwhelming. We have completely redesigned the new Todoist notification system to make information beautiful, readable, and useful.

Smartly bundled notifications give you the information you need at a glance, so you can quickly get caught up on exactly what’s happening in your shared projects—whether you’re on your office computer or on your phone during the commute home.

Notification Collapsing GIF

The new notification system is available for all Todoist accounts, including free accounts.

Faster, simplified project invites

Sharing your projects is the first step to collaborating with Todoist. Now it’s easier than ever to invite people to collaborate—especially from your phone.

Select a collaborator with a tap from your mobile contacts or from a list of people you already have shared projects with.

You can also choose to auto-accept project invites from known collaborators, so you can get right to work without missing a beat.

The new project invites are available for all Todoist accounts, including free accounts.

A smarter cross-platform Quick Add to add and delegate tasks from anywhere

This latest update brings our smart quick add to every Todoist platform. This makes adding and delegating tasks on mobile more convenient than ever.

You can now add a task with a due date to a specific project, add a custom label, and assign it to a collaborator by typing everything into a single line.

For example, typing “Update financial forecast every 26 #Accounting +Jamie” will automatically set up a task for the 26th of every month in your Accounting project and assign it to Jamie.

Quick Add GIF
Quick Add Cheat Sheet

The new Quick Add is available for all Todoist accounts, including free accounts.

Become more efficient and focused with these exclusive promotions

Sometimes it helps to have a little push to get your productivity gears in motion. That’s why, for a limited time, we’ve partnered with some of our favorite apps for you to pair with your Todoist Business account.

From today, June 28th, until July 19th, when you sign-up for a new Todoist Business Admin account you’ll automatically get access to over $120 in discounts from the following partners: Zapier, Sanebox, 1Password, and Focus@Will. You’ll receive an email within 24 hours of signing up with more information on how to redeem your discounts. 

Biz Promotions

In fact, our friends at Zapier have recently updated their Todoist integration to make it much easier to automate tasks between colleagues.

Never forget to send project invites again with Zaps like these:

At the core of Todoist Business is the belief that project management shouldn’t be complex. Well-designed technology can give teams the transparency and accountability they need to keep their work moving forward—without all the bureaucracy. 

This update is just the first step toward making Todoist Business a more powerful, streamlined project management platform for teams of all sizes. We can’t wait for you and your team to try it out.

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