New Feature – May 2019

Migrate From Slack to Twist with the New Data Importer

Your team's conversation history will stay neatly preserved and searchable in Twist

Import Slack to Twist
Illustration by Margarida Mouta

Improving the way your team communicates is no small undertaking. Not only does it require a change in mindset and habits (real-time chaos vs. async calm), but often a change in the tools you use to get things done together.

That challenge is now a bit easier to take on with Twist’s new import tool that allows team admins to easily migrate both their team and their conversation history from Slack (or Stride) to Twist.

Migrate your team and conversations to Twist
Select which channels and team members you want to migrate from Slack.

The team members you select will automatically be added to your Twist team, and a new Twist channel will be created for each Slack channel you choose to import. Each channel will have a thread named “Imported from Slack” that contains all the messages from the original Slack channel.

Your team will be able to see and search for all your Slack conversations inside Twist.

There are a few different ways to access the new import tool via the Twist web app:

  • Import Slack or Stride channels via the “Import Channels” link in the left-hand channel menu of your Twist.
  • Import Slack or Stride team members via the Team Tab after you click “Invite People”.
  • Import both users and channels together from the Team Settings option in the settings dropdown menu (click on your profile photo in the top right).

Of the 100K teams that have switched to Twist, 81% report feeling more organized and 71% report a decrease in the use of team chat tools. We hope the new importer will help your team transition to calmer, more organized collaboration too!

For more details on how to export your archives from Slack or Stride and begin importing to Twist, head over to our Help Center.