Research and task management combined

Todoist user and education professional, Benjamin Nason, recently got in touch with us to share how he utilizes Todoist to manage a “large amount of digital ‘pack-rating’”.

He says: “In my position in the Education field, I review websites, blogs, and other online services all the time to provide teachers resources for their classrooms and their own professional development. I don’t always have the time to review these sites, so I use Todoist to bookmark and schedule them as tasks to review the later.

Adding websites as tasks within Todoist is very simple. All that’s required is one of our plug-ins (for Firefox, Chrome or Todoist Anywhere for any other browser). Whenever you are compelled to save a specific website, open the Todoist plug-in and click the “Add website as task” link which is located in 2 places:

  1. in the Quick Add box,

Todoist - add website as task

  1. at the bottom of the task list in a project (next to “Add task”).

Todoist - adding websites as tasks

Like Benjamin, professionals in many fields spend ample time “collecting and collecting websites to review” which can then result as overwhelming when having to read each and every one. He adds: “I use Todoist to help me manage my time by creating tasks for each of these sites under a project I call Workflow. I am able to set a priority on these links as well as look at my list and schedule each site review as a task for that day.

Another feature of adding websites as tasks in Todoist is the tag system which, as Benjamin states, “helps categorize each site review – i.e. ipads, middle school level, timelines, interactive whiteboard, etc. The Premium feature for this allows me to color-code each tag; which is helpful for quickly locating specific tasks.

Does your job similarly entail lots of web-surfing? If so Todoist’s websites-as-tasks feature could be the tool that eases what can sometimes feel like information overload.

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