The official Todoist for Windows 10 is here (Plus giveaway!)

Experience Todoist across all your Windows devices.

Update: We have a winner…

Jorge Ribera Sempere, a future educator and current photography afficionado from Valencia, is the winner of our Surface Pro giveaway sponsored by Microsoft.  

We want to thank Jorge and every who participated for your inspiring photos.  It’s an incredible reminder of what the Todoist community is capable of and why we do what we do. Keep up your amazing work!

Last November, we released our very first Preview version of Todoist for Windows 10. We couldn’t have asked for a more enthusiastic response from our Windows community.  

We want to say a huge thank you to all of the Preview users who reached out with their feedback and ideas for making Todoist for Windows 10 a better app.  With their help, our team has spent the last months pushing weekly updates, polishing parts of the app while completely re-writing others.

The result is a beautiful, easy-to-use, and fully customizable task manager, designed to fit seamlessly into your Windows workflow.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce that the official Todoist for Windows 10 app is now freely available to everyone on the Windows Store for the very first time. Get organized and start moving your important projects forward with Todoist on all your Windows devices. Download the free app today!

Download Todoist for Windows 10 for free

Take a tour of the best features Todoist’s first-ever native desktop app has to offer…

Manage your tasks anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Get the peace of mind that comes with knowing your to-do lists are everywhere you need them. Since our first Preview version, our Windows team has worked hard to make Todoist easy-to-use and fully accessible on all your devices – online and offline:

As a universal app, Todoist for Windows 10 adapts beautifully to any screen size. That means you can manage your tasks on your PC, laptop, tablet, and even your Windows phone! Get a big-picture overview of your projects in full-screen mode, or stay focused with just your Today list on the side of your screen for easy reference throughout the day.

Todoist for Windows 10 is built for all your Windows devices

And while you’re moving from one Windows 10 device to the next, all task comments you draft will be automatically saved and synced across each one. That means you can start writing a task comment on your Windows phone and finish it on your Surface. Or vice versa. You’ll never have to worry about losing a comment you haven’t quite finished yet.

When we say you can rely on Todoist for Windows 10 anywhere, anytime we really mean it. Todoist works perfectly on your Windows devices even when you’re offline!  Any changes you make will automatically sync across all your devices as soon as you re-connect.

Finally, we know that touch screens are a big part of the Windows 10 experience. Now you can enjoy seamless touch gestures on all your devices. Our Windows team revamped a few key interactions – including the way you add tasks and reorder lists with drag-and-drop – to work beautifully whether you’re using your keyboard or your screen.

Todoist for Windows 10 is completely optimized for touch-screen devices.

A Faster, Smarter Quick Add

Not only is Todoist for Windows 10 everywhere, it’s also faster than ever. Get your to-dos out of your head and into Todoist the moment they come to you with our intelligent Quick Add. This crafty little feature lets you add tasks and all of their associated information in a single line.

Todoist for Windows 10 Quick Add GIF

Here’s how it works:

Just type your task name and due date using natural language, like “Prep for my weekly 1-on-1 every Friday at 9am”. Then use simple symbols to add a label (e.g., @boss), priority level (e.g., p1), and even a project (e.g.,#Meetings):

Quick Add recognizes each piece of information you type.

Our Quick Add will automatically recognize and categorize each piece of information for you:

Quick Add automatically saves the task will all the relevant information.

Intelligent Quick Add is a powerful way to spend less time managing your tasks and more time actually getting things done. And it’s now available on every Windows 10 device in 10+ languages.

Unique features only for Windows 10

Of course, each operating system has its unique features that make it stand apart from the rest. Our native app wouldn’t be complete without a few extra things to make Todoist really shine on your Windows 10 devices. Here are a few of the features that you won’t find on any other Todoist platform:

Beautiful design made just for Windows. Our Windows team has been collaborating closely with Microsoft advisors to ensure that each and every element of Todoist looks and feels right at home on your Windows 10 devices.  

Todoist for Windows 10 design with 3rd-panel view

3rd-panel view allows you to view your comments and task lists at the same time so you always have context for your conversations.

Customizable Live Tiles keep you focused and organized with a quick overview of the number of tasks you have left for today and your next upcoming task.

Todoist for Windows 10 Live Tiles

Jump List integration lets you pin your most important task views to the Start Menu or Taskbar for easy access throughout the workday.

The best part is, all of these features are available completely free with Todoist for Windows 10. Get organized and in control of your projects with a to-do list that’s built for the devices you already rely on every day.

Download Todoist for Windows 10

What the future holds in store…

Since our Preview release, Todoist for Windows 10 has progressed in leaps and bounds. We’re incredibly proud to see our official app listed on the Windows Store.

But this is still just the beginning for Todoist on Windows platforms. These are a few of the features you can expect in the future:

Todoist Karma – We’ll be adding Todoist’s popular productivity tracker soon, complete with beautiful charts to visualize and improve your productivity week over week.

Cortana integration – We plan to integrate even more deeply with all of the unique features Windows 10 has to offer, starting with the ability to dictate your tasks via Cortana.

Filters and task history  – We’re completely rebuilding the way we handle completed task history and filters to make them consistent across all of Todoist’s platforms. That’s why you won’t see these features in the Windows 10 app quite yet. We’ll add task history and filters to Todoist for Windows 10 the moment they’re ready.  

Get new updates before anyone else

Todoist for Windows 10 is now an official app, freely available on the Windows Store, but we’ve also decided to keep our Preview version active for our awesome tester community. New updates will be released first to the app Preview, then to the official app once they’ve been fully tested and perfected.

We’d love to keep hearing your feedback on the app as it continues to evolve. If you’re interested in helping us improve Todoist for Windows 10, please keep the Preview version installed on your device and continue sending your feedback and ideas to We look forward to hearing your thoughts!

Win a brand new Surface Pro!

Our friends at Microsoft are so excited about this release that they’ve provided us a brand new Surface Pro 4 (128GB/4GB) to give away to our awesome community of Windows fans.

Here’s how to participate:

  1. Take a creative photo of the task you’re most looking forward to completing with the help of Todoist and your new Windows 10 device.
  2. Post the photo on either Twitter or Instagram.
  3. Use the two hashtags: #icandoit and #todoist.

It’s that simple!

For example, here’s a photo of Jan, our Head of Windows (wearing glasses), and some Doist team members working on finalizing a feature in the new app :)

Giveaway photo submission example

Giveaway details: please note that you must have a Todoist account to win. The giveaway will end on Tuesday, April 19th at 12:00PM PT. The winner will be randomly chosen from all proper entries and, as always, the giveaway is open to anyone around the world. Winners will be notified on the platform on which they submitted their entry (Twitter or Instagram).

Join us in celebrating our the launch of the official Todoist for Windows 10 app – we can’t wait to see your best Todoist pics!