New Feature – October 2018

Introducing the New Todoist for Android Wear OS

Keep your phone in your pocket and use Todoist from your wrist ⌚

New Todoist Wear OS App
Illustration by Yin Weihung

This post is from 2018. Check out the Todoist help center for up-to-date information about Todoist for Wear OS .

Staying organized and productive is now within arm’s reach with the completely rebuilt Todoist for Wear OS.

You’ll have full control of your to-do list right from your Wear OS watch — no more dragging out your phone to check what’s next or add new tasks like you’re still living in 2017. You don’t even have to have Todoist installed on your phone! (Though to be clear, we still recommend keeping it installed on your phone.)

Here’s what your day could look like:

Add a task quickly by speaking it into your watch.

You’re making breakfast and mulling over the day ahead, when you remember you need to check in with Nancy when you get to the office. You open Todoist on your watch, tap the + add task button, tap Speak, and say Check in with Nancy at 9am today. (Yup, that’s right. The app will recognize and add spoken due dates — even recurring ones.) You then enjoy your morning breakfast in peace.

Check off a few tasks in your #Work project.

As you take the train into work, you pause the book you’re reading to glance at your list of tasks that are due in the Next 7 Days, as well as the tasks in your Work project. You mark a few tasks complete.

Keep your grocery list visible on your wrist with Ambient mode.

Throughout the day, you add new tasks, check things off, reschedule tasks and generally impress your colleagues with your put-togetherness. After work, you go grocery shopping using Ambient mode, which keeps your task list open on your wrist and sets Todoist to black and white to save your battery.

On your way home, you’re able to unwind knowing everything is taken care of, and if you think of something else you have to do, you can do it right from your wrist. ⌚

More good news: Todoist now supports Android Pie and Oreo

With the latest update of Todoist for Android, you get access to Notification Channels which give you more granular control over when and how you receive Todoist notifications. For example:

  • Every time you get a task reminder, make sure your phone dings (or makes whatever Todoist-specific notification sound you’ve chosen).
  • Have your phone vibrate whenever someone updates a shared project (like assigning you a task).
  • Mute the notifications that you don’t need (like someone leaving a comment on a task).

There’s more, too. With Actions, you’ll see shortcuts to your most used Todoist projects in your app drawer (the screen where you browse all your installed apps). It’s classic Google — predicting what you need and putting it at your fingertips.

And for those of you who use Google Search to find things on your phone, you’ll soon be able to search and complete tasks directly from search thanks to the upcoming Slices feature.

These updates are our latest effort to help you avoid distractions — whether that’s by limiting unnecessary notifications or by cutting down the number of times you pull out your phone to check Todoist (and end up getting sucked into the endless vortex of social media). If you find them useful, try out Todoist’s other Android-only features.

Todoist is available wherever you use it on 10+ platforms including Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Apple Watch and more.