New Feature – March 2018

Introducing Todoist Favorites: Keep Your Most Important Tasks Close at Hand

Stay focused on the right things by pinning important projects, labels, and filters to your favorites

Staying focused on your most important tasks is tough when things start to get busy: How do you keep track of the right tasks when you’re adding more and more to Todoist every day?

Enter Todoist Favorites.

Have an important project, label, or filter you need to keep track of? Pin it to your favorites so it’s close by when you need it:

Favorites are useful no matter what you’re working on:

  • Focusing on a single project for a few weeks? Add it to your favorites and check in every time you get to your desk.
  • Do you use a label like @time_sensitive to keep track of urgent tasks? Add it to your favorites so you never miss a deadline (with Todoist Premium).
  • Want to keep a preview of the month ahead close by? Add a Next month filter to your favorites so you can check on your upcoming tasks (with Todoist Premium).

Use favorites to help you separate your highest impact tasks from the everyday noise.

You can already start pinning to your favorites on Todoist for Web, Mac, Android, and iOS — this feature is coming very soon to Windows 10.

Learn more about favorites and let us know how you plan to use them on Twitter @Todoist.