10 of the Most Useful IFTTT Applets for Todoist Users

Boost your productivity and efficiency with the Todoist and IFTTT integration

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When I signed up for Todoist, I was surprised to find it wasn’t integrated with IFTTT (If This, Then That). IFTTT is the self-proclaimed way to “put the internet to work for you,” allowing you to create useful applets to patch up areas where your favorite apps do not work well together.

In fact, about two weeks ago, I planned to pitch my first video idea for the Todoist blog: “How to Integrate Todoist with IFTTT.” However, Todoist developers were several steps ahead of me, because I woke up the day before Halloween to a surprise. I was messing around with IFTTT, looking for new applets, when I stumbled upon the Todoist channel. Had it been there all along? Was I seeing things?

No, I just somehow discovered it not long before the official announcement went live.

In commemoration of two of my favorite online services coming together, I give you 10 very useful IFTTT applets for any Todoist user! Be sure to share your favorite Todoist IFTTT applets below!

IFTTT Recipe: Append completed Todoist task to note in Evernote connects todoist to evernoteIFTTT Recipe: If starred in Gmail, add Todoist task connects gmail to todoist

IFTTT Recipe: Create Todoist task when check engine light on connects automatic to todoistIFTTT Recipe: If Pocket item tagged #mustread, create a task in Todoist connects pocket to todoist

IFTTT Recipe: If Todoist task with label is completed, create new task connects todoist to todoist

IFTTT Recipe: If freezing tomorrow, remind me to wear a coat connects weather to todoistIFTTT Recipe: If Android phone call missed, remind me to return call connects android-phone-call to todoist

IFTTT Recipe: If new IFTTT news, create a task to check it out connects ifttt to todoistIFTTT Recipe: If any new Google Calendar event, create Todoist task connects google-calendar to todoist