A Whole New Way to Create and Share Todoist Templates

Create customized templates for everything from your work projects to your exercise program.

Todoist Templates

A well-crafted checklist is a powerful thing.  It can save you time, hassle, and potential stress of forgetting any important steps along the way. Checklists can even save lives!

With Todoist Templates, you can turn any project into a checklist that you can easily duplicate later.  And now, we’ve completely revamped the way they work to make them easier than ever to export, import, edit, and even share with others.

Here are a few of the cool new things you can do with Todoist Templates:

Export your project templates as links that you can share with friends, family, and coworkers.

Todoist Templates shareable links

Create project templates in .csv format so you can easily save and edit them as Excel files or Google Sheets.

Todoist Templates .CSV

Drag and drop your saved templates into new projects to quickly duplicate your task lists.

Todoist Templates Drag-and-Drop

Set relative due dates like “today” and “in 3 days” so your duplicated tasks will always be scheduled on the right days.

Todoist Templates relative due dates

All of your imported templates will preserve your tasks names, priorities, labels, and due dates exactly how you created them (though tasks in shared project templates will need to be reassigned to the right collaborators).

Try out our importable templates

We’re so excited about the new Todoist Templates, we thought we’d use them to share some of our favorite checklists and delicious, healthy meal plans.  Just tap one of the buttons below to copy these projects directly to your own Todoist account…

Social media and content marketing expert Kevan Lee put together this comprehensive, actionable checklist for taking your social media presence to the next level.  Add it to your Todoist account and make sure to never miss another important social media task again.

Todoist Buffer Social Media Checklists

Add Template to Todoist

If you often come home exhausted after a day’s work and with no idea what to make for dinner, this meal plan is for you. Just download the template, and add due dates to these simple, healthy recipes from the Pinch of Yum so you’ll always be prepared with a nutritious meal.

Todoist Pinch of Yum Meal Plan

Add Template to Todoist

Now it’s your turn!

Share the links to your favorite checklists, meal plans, workouts, reading lists, and more in the comments section.  View the video below to see how to get the shareable link in two quick clicks: