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New Feature – June 2019

Reached a Consensus? Close the Twist Thread & Document the Outcome

Keep your team's channels uncluttered by closing threads once they've reached a conclusion

Close a thread and document the conclusion
Illustration by Yin Weihung

The beauty of thread-based team communication is that it allows people to discuss things in-depth on their own time, without the stress of having to respond immediately. Discussions evolve calmly and can reach a conclusion once everyone has had the opportunity to chime in.

But what happens once a final consensus has been reached, or the thread is no longer relevant to the team? Before, inactive threads ended up cluttering Twist channels and inboxes, preventing team members from focusing on the active discussions that need their attention.

With the new Close Threads feature, people will now be able to navigate their teamwork more efficiently by closing Twist threads once a conclusion has been reached, or once a thread is no longer necessary to maintain.

When you’re ready to close a thread, simply click (or tap, on mobile devices) the three dot icon in the upper right of the thread to open the thread options menu, and select Close Thread.

Here's how to close a thread

Once you select Close Thread, you’ll be prompted to write an optional conclusion. With the conclusion neatly summarized at the bottom of closed threads, everyone can quickly see the outcome of any past discussion. It’s yet another way Twist helps build transparency on your team.

Document the conclusion

Once closed, the thread will remain in the channel, but will be marked with a green banner to indicate it’s no longer active.

Here's what a closed thread looks

You can learn more about the ins and outs of Close Threads across all platforms on our Help Center.

81% of teams that use Twist report working more efficiently, and 68% report that Twist allows them to focus more on their work by reducing distractions. We look forward to hearing how the new Close Threads feature helps you improve your team’s collaboration – let us know your feedback via Twitter at @twistappteam.