Remote Work  – PUBLISHED February 22 2022

The Best Companies for Remote Workers 2022 — Submissions Are Open

We’re partnering with Quartz at Work again to recognize companies where remote workers thrive. Submit your company!

Illustration by Margarida Mouta

It’s no secret that over the past few years the so-called “future of work” has been thrust into the present. It’s expected that nearly 75% of global businesses will continue to operate in a remote environment during 2022 and beyond, and 97% of employees who are currently working remotely hope they won’t have to return to the office full-time.

Remote is here to stay — that is a foregone conclusion. However, the degree to which organizations fully embrace distributed work is still yet to be determined. Adopting remote best practices at scale requires a seismic shift in the way teams operate, communicate, and connect — and inevitably some will do this better than others.

At Doist we believe remote work done right is the future, but for many companies that future is already here. We want to honor those companies that are building sustainable remote work cultures. That’s why proud to be partnering with Quartz at Work again this year to identify the Best Companies for Remote Workers.

Alongside Quartz, we hope to recognize the companies who are ahead of the curve, creating exceptional experiences for their remote workforce, and to connect remote job seekers with companies who will help them thrive.

If that describes your remote workplace, submit your company for Quartz’s Best Companies for Remote Workers 2022 list.

Participation is completely free and is open to companies from around the world, in several languages. Organizations must have at least 25 full-time permanent employees, and at least 25 full-time permanent employees working remotely, to participate. See details below for further criteria and the submission process.

Submissions close on March 16, 2022 and results will be published by mid-year. Companies will also have the chance to purchase their Employee Feedback Report summarizing their team’s responses along with benchmarks.

For additional information, see the FAQs below.

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Is my company eligible?

To participate, organizations must have at least 25 full-time permanent employees who are remote workers. For employers with more than 100 permanent full-time employees, at least 25% of the workforce must be remote.

A “remote worker” is defined, for the purpose of this program, as someone who performs their job in a location that is neither affiliated with nor fully furnished by their employer, for at least 75% of the time.

Why should my company participate?

Remote work makes it possible to attract the best talent, wherever it may be. Beyond a source of pride, the distinction of being on Quartz’s Best Companies for Remote Workers list will help potential employees across the globe to understand your company’s brand and its approach to remote work.

What are the details of how I submit/enter?

When you enter the program, Best Companies Group will contact your company and arrange to conduct a two-part survey (several languages will be available). In part one, the employer completes a questionnaire about its policies, practices, benefits, and employee demographics. In part two, BCG conducts online employee engagement and satisfaction surveys to gather detailed data about each participating firm, in a range of categories determined by Quartz.

Employees complete a survey of in-depth statements using a scale of 5 points ranging from “Agree Strongly” to “Disagree Strongly.” The survey also includes demographic and open-ended questions. Temporary or seasonal employees, per diem, independent contractors (1099), interns, and consultants are not counted as full- or part-time permanent employees and are not included in the survey process.

Only remote workers will be included in the employee survey process.

Best Companies Group analyzes the data and determines the rankings, which will be published mid-2021 in Quartz at Work, Quartz’s edition about the modern workplace.

What is the Best Companies Group?

Best Companies Group is an independent research firm specializing in identifying and recognizing great places to work. With more than 15 years of experience, the employee survey provider manages programs worldwide, including in the US, Canada, and the UK.

What does it cost to participate?

Participation in the online survey is free. All participating companies then have the option to purchase their BCG Insights Report Package, detailing the firm’s employee responses, along with national employee and employer benchmarks.

When will I find out if my company made the list?

Quartz will publish the results in mid-2022.