[Video] Interview with Doist’s Founder and CEO from Running Remote 2019

Amir talks about why he walked away from his first startup to build Todoist, the mental health challenges of remote work, and more...

Doist is part of a small but growing community of companies who not only believe that remote work is the future, but are actively building that reality today. Every year, that community comes together at the Running Remote conference to exchange best practices and get inspired by other remote work pioneers.

At last year’s conference, our founder and CEO Amir Salihefendić, sat down to answer questions about his 10+ years of experience working and leading remotely. In this interview, Amir talks about:

  • His upbringing as part of a refugee family in Denmark
  • Why he turned down job offers at Facebook and Google to become an entrepreneur
  • Why he walked away from his first startup (a social networking app) to build Todoist
  • Why he advises new founders to focus on profitability from the start
  • When he got his first paying customer for Todoist (6 months in!) and why it’s important to charge money for your products before you think they’re ready
  • How he made his first hire at Doist without an interview (employee #1 is still at the company 7 years later and no one has ever met him) and what the interview process at Doist looks like today
  • The biggest challenges when it comes to remote work (mental health)
  • Doist’s vacation policy (“we basically force people to take time off” 😄)
  • How Doist strives to create a culture that supports ambition and work-life balance
  • The value he gets as a remote founder from attending conferences like Running Remote that bring together life-minded leaders who are embracing a different kind of workplace

This year, we’re exciting to be back sponsoring the 3rd annual Running Remote conference!

Where: Austin, Texas

When: April 20-21

What:  Running Remote is a unique gathering of people from all over the world who are building the remote workplaces of the future. There will be speakers from the world’s most successful remote companies including Automattic, GitLab, and Zapier plus leaders from more traditional corporations like Microsoft and General Electric who are recognizing the benefits of location flexibility too.

For Whom: If you’re building a remote company, running a remote team, or serious about doing either in the future, this conference is for you. Find out more details and reserve your spot

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