A Free Online Productivity Class from Todoist

Learn to manage not your tasks or your time, but your attention.

In this productivity course Managing Director of the Founder Institute Kevin Siskar will teach proven techniques for focus and prioritization. Enroll for free

Everyone wants a piece of your attention. From app and website notifications to emails to the siren call of your Facebook feed, it’s harder than ever to focus on what’s truly important.

In a world filled with distraction, how can we re-train ourselves to focus intentionally on the right things every day? We’ve teamed up with Skillshare again to launch a free online productivity class to answer just that question.

As Managing Director of the Founder Institute in New York, Kevin Siskar has seen thousands of entrepreneurs struggle with the demands of growing a business. He’s also seen how integrating simple systems into their day can take people from feeling stressed and overwhelmed to calm and focused.

In this class, he shares his strategies for increasing your attention span, quieting your mind, and getting more (of the right things) done. You’ll learn how to:

  • Hone your ability to focus
  • Reduce daily distractions
  • Improve your prioritization process

Kevin will show you how to implement these strategies with Todoist, but you can apply the same principles to any task manager, even pen and paper.

Enroll For Free

When you enroll for the class, you’ll also get 2 months of free access to Skillshare’s full catalog of courses. (A credit card number is required, but you can cancel anytime during your three-month trial and never be charged.)

If you feel overwhelmed by the number of things you need to get done, if you find yourself constantly derailed by distractions, if you have big goals but struggle to make progress on what’s really important to you, this class is well worth 34 minutes of your attention.

In case you missed it, here’s last year’s productivity course on time theming your days and weeks with Todoist.